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Spreading Myself Around #ShamelessPromotion

I’d like to spread myself, but that will have to wait until June. In the meantime, I’m spreading my work around – not as dirty, but nearly as fun!

The kind and wonderful Jolynn Raymond did an Author Spotlight on me a few days ago – check it out and show her site some love for me, will ya?

I’ve talked to the audacious Cara Sutra about a sex blogger spotlight and an erotic author spotlight. She innocently asked which of the two I consider myself to be – and I couldn’t pick. I’m a sex blogger with a salacious need to write erotica. Yeah, that’s not weird.

The amazing John Satisfy nominated me for the Liebster Award – and I’ll be responding and nominating soon! Ok, fellow kinky bloggers, I’m looking at you!

At All Romance, in the BDSM erotica section, both The Big Game and The Visitor are on the front page. With no promotion from me, hundreds of copies have been downloaded! Woohoo!!! Scroll down a bit and you’ll see them! And they’re FREE!!!!

Even better, I had a pretty good month for book sales in March – with almost no promotion because I had so much else going on. Yay!

Don’t have one of my books yet? That’s ok, go here and you can take your pick!

PS – if I’ve got this much going on when I’m working a full-time day job, can you imagine what’s going to happen in June?! OMG, me neither!


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