A Not-Very Sexual Being

I mentioned last night that I was feeling a little less sexual than normal. I realized today that I call myself “A Sexual Being” but I’m feeling decidedly NOT sexual. And that’s ok. This isn’t me worrying or fretting. Although, I feel bad for some of my newer followers. You must think I’m some pathetic little basketcase, huh? I promise, if you look back in the archives, there’s some good shit there! No really, go look.

I’ve kept myself feeling like a little most of the day. The side affect (the main affect?) is that I’ve been happy most of the day. I took the day off of work so I had the luxury of spending the majority of the day doing what I wanted to do. And I did it all in my own special little way.

I purposefully dressed in a way that made me feel pretty. Tight jeans, boots, and a creamy, soft sweater that just makes me look freaking pretty! I went to lunch with one of my closest friends where we bitched about work – ’cause that’s what we do. I got my nails done and I shopped. I walked into one store and my little heart just sang. I really need a fairy godmother with a big bank account. I could have purchased nearly everything in the store! I gushed and ooh’ed and ahh’ed and just enjoyed myself.

In the meantime, I found myself in a conversation with a friend who understands D/s very well, and he gave me his definition of what being little means. “To me, being little doesn’t have to mean you call someone Daddy. To me, it is being playful, in non-sexual terms. Wanting to cuddle, have sleepovers, being able to wear cute, girly clothes. Having someone spoil the hell out of you. Kiss you on the head when you’re having a bad day…and many more things.”

Ding, ding, ding, ding, DING! We have a winner, folks! That’s it exactly – with a few more details, of course. And I have a distinct feeling that a lot of littles would agree with his assessment. (I have smart friends. Shh, don’t tell him I said that.)

My sexual desire is down (for whatever reason that I choose not to think about) – unless of course, you’re LSAM or Hyacinth, both of whom I’m totally crushing on in a never-gonna-happen-so-it’s-okay kind of way.

Until it returns, I’m just gonna live life as little as possible. (See what I did there? I made a pun…I know, I’m a riot.) If that makes me not-very sexual, oh well. This too shall pass.

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I am a sex blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, international speaker, kink educator, and all-around kinky woman. You can find me online sharing my innermost sexual thoughts and experiences, teaching other bloggers how to make money writing about sex, and helping kinksters have happy healthy BDSM relationships. I'm also a masochistic babygirl submissive with an amazing and sadistic Daddy Dom and business partner, John Brownstone. Welcome to my kinky corner of the internet!


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