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A Lesson I Won’t Soon Forget #MasturbationMonday

For the first time in a week, I felt almost human again. There’s a possibility that I may have even taken advantage of the fact that he was still sick – or so I thought.

With a sparkle in my eye, I teased and sassed him all day long. I took every opening he gave me, even when I knew it pushed the limits. Sarcasm is my native tongue, and with him, I manage to add a few giggles, instead of becoming a total bitch.

“You’re pushin’ it, Babygirl.” The warning tones didn’t deter me. I batted my eyelashes and kissed his cheek.

“You’re bordering on bratty, Babygirl.” I always adamantly deny being a brat. Sassy, always. Bratty, never.

Then I finally pushed him too far.

We’d debated going to out to dinner all day. After taking a few minutes to decide, he finally gave the OK, but only because I had a coupon for our favorite restaurant. We’d had a long day and while I felt better, he wasn’t quite there yet. We were both exhausted.

In the car, out on the highway, in rush hour traffic, he asked one simple question.

“You do have the coupon, don’t you?”


We live along a busy highway that’s undergoing major construction. Using the service roads may look convenient but at that time of day and with the construction, it takes 20 minutes or more to drive a mile. He sighed, pulled off the highway, turned left, and managed to head home. At the same time, we both heard, “I’ve really gotta pee, Mama!”

Oh Lord.

It took close to 30 minutes to get home (it was a good coupon!). The five year old and I jumped out and raced to the front door. We were back at the car within a few minutes.

“I’m so sorry, soooooo sorry.”

He sighed but I saw the twinkle in his eye. “Ya know, we’d be there already if someone hadn’t forgot the coupon. We might even have our food by now.”

“I’m in trouble for this, aren’t I?”

“Oh yeah. This was just the icing on the cake after your behavior today.”

I looked out the window and grinned. I wasn’t really in trouble, but he had a new paddle that we’d been too sick to try out until now. I was happy for this to be an excuse to use it.

Later that evening, still pretending to be annoyed by the forgotten coupon and resulting 30 minute u-turn, he swatted my ass every chance he got. By bedtime, I wasn’t sure if it was really going to happen. We were both so tired.

“Over my lap, Babygirl.” (My absolute favorite words, in case you wondered.)

The paddle isn’t the typical wood paddle. I have no clue what material it’s made of, but one side is relatively smooth but with raised edges and the other side is rough, but flat. (If that makes any sense.) And the whole damn thing is bendable – which means it has the ability to sting as well as thud. When it comes to spankings, I prefer deep thuds to sharp stings.

He stroked my ass with the paddle. First one side, then the next. I was lulled into a false sense of comfort, my mind starting to drift a bit.


I hissed and jumped. It wasn’t as painful as I imagined.


He began alternating from cheek to cheek. His hand gripped my hair and pushed my head down. I shivered and felt the warmth gather between my legs.

The impact began to increase, as did the pain. He moved from my bottom to the backs of my thighs. I sighed with pleasure and squeaked in pain.

He released my hair and stroked the soft, hot lips of my pussy. I pushed my body closer to his fingers. Roughly, he stroked my clit. I begged to cum. Just as he granted permission, the paddle came down on my ass harder than ever before. My body didn’t know where to focus – the orgasm ripping through my pussy or the searing pain in my ass.

I arched up and away from the paddle while clamping my thighs around his hand. I cried out, thrashing on his lap.

He took his hand away and put down the paddle. Aftershocks rippled through me. I shuddered and sobbed on his lap, clutching the edge of the bed.

I felt his hand on my hair, stroking and soothing me. “Shhh, Babygirl. Shhhhh. You’re my good girl.”

Then it began again. Sharp thwacks on my bottom and thighs. Fingers in my hair, holding my head down in an even more submissive position (if that was possible).

When he released my hair to finger my pussy, I thought he’d be more gentle the second time. If anything, he was rougher. His fingers on my clit were almost painful even as I felt the pressure building and the need for an orgasm rising.

He made me beg much longer before granting release. The paddle came down even harder on my ass. Every nerve ending in my body was on fire as I wrenched away from the punishing blows on my ass and his ruthless fingers on my pussy.

I cried and screeched, my eyes squeezed shut, hoping it would end soon, praying that it didn’t. My body jerked and shuddered as waves of aftershocks rolled through me.

I felt him set the paddle aside. He gathered me into his arms and cradled me against his chest. I nuzzled against him.

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“You’re welcome, Babygirl.”

“I won’t forget the coupon again. Promise.”

He laughed. “I bet you won’t.”

The paddle may be my new favorite toy. That night, I had welts on my ass, and by the next day, a deep bruise formed. I may not be able to keep my promise about the coupon.

Happy Masturbation Monday! In case you wondered, that spanking was followed by hot as hell sex that include my legs over his shoulder and his hand around my throat. Rawr! But that’s a story for another day. Instead, go check out the main Masturbation Monday page and see what other erotic offerings have been shared this week.

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