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Welcome Guest Blogger @StellaKiink – Her Fetish

I follow Stella on Twitter and her blog. I like her. She doesn’t just write about sex. /cough…a little like someone I know. I like her style, and I like what she has to say. Hopefully you will too! Welcome my first guest blogger – Stella Kiink!
Her Fetish
She sits on the bottom step dressed in nothing more than one of his white dress shirts, cuffs rolled and the fewest of buttons done. No panties. No bra. Her nipples are hard and free and the heat between her legs is rising. Her cunt, just like her mouth, is aching for him. She has been craving him all day… his touch, his scent, his taste… She wants him, all of him, every inch, every drop.
He has been away for far too long and although she can barely stand the wait herself, she wants to take her time and reacquaint herself with his body. Slowly, ever so slowly, taking her time with every inch, but first she wants to…
The doorbell rings and she jumps, disturbed from her sensual reverie.
She opens the door to him. He leans in for a kiss as she closes and latches the door. She does not desire any uninvited guests this evening. She desires only him.
He pushes her up against the wall and kisses her hard. There is an urgency in his kiss, a need to be closer to her, to engulf her, to consume her. To say he wants her too would be an understatement. He holds her close, hands flat and firm against her back. Then he reaches up, grabbing her hair, pulling her head back and slightly to the side so her neck is exposed to him. She lets out a soft moan as he gently kisses, then nibbles, her neck.
She unzips his coat and puts her arms inside, wrapping them around him. His scent intoxicates her. The warmth from his body feels so good. It spreads through her and calms her, grounds her to this moment. She moves down and deftly undoes his leather belt then the top button of his Levi’s. One arm goes back to hugging around his waist while the other massages his growing hardness through his jeans.
Now it’s his turn. He lets out a low carnal moan as they kiss and their tongues explore the depths of each other’s mouths. Ice blue eyes focus on her own bewitching hazel ones as she continues to fondle him.
Her hands now make quick work of the remaining buttons, pushing both his jeans and boxer briefs down slightly to free his erection. She has missed this beautiful piece of him. It is perfection.
Pushing him back against the door, she kneels and gently takes him fully into her mouth, slowly releasing, then in again… and out … Her tongue flicks the tip and laps at his shaft as she does. His erection grows fully, bigger, firmer. She takes her time with him for a slow build to his first orgasm with her in weeks. This is her fetish and she wants to savor it.
Hands continue to fondle as she releases him, goes lower, and leisurely licks a path from scrotum to tip. Lightly at first then again with more force, stopping to take each of his balls into her mouth and sucking before coming back to the tip and taking him in again. His pre-cum is already dripping. Another moan and he gasps as she sucks the pre-cum from him, playing with the underside of his penis, then she takes him in again and releases with teeth gently teasing from base to tip. This is what she’s been longing to hear, his moans of pleasure.
He reaches down to guide her, to grab her hair and fuck her mouth. His hips thrust his hard cock into her, to the back of her throat. She takes his hands in each of her own and holds them down against the back of his thighs. She is the one in control. She won’t make him wait too long though.
She tilts her head back and looks up at him, seeing the plea in his eyes, taking his cock deeper into her mouth, her throat. Her leisurely pace picks up as she senses his orgasm coming. She is hungry for him now. She licks and sucks and pushes. She wants to taste him. Now.
She releases his hands and grabs his naked ass forcing him into her, forcing herself onto him. She knows what he wants, what he needs. She tightens her lips around his cock, sucking him in, then lets go of his ass and grabs the base of his cock with her left hand, cupping his balls and squeezing. With her right she rubs the sensitive line between his balls and ass with a firm pressure. His breath quickens, he thrusts into her, and an “oh fuck” escapes just as his cum fills her mouth.
He tastes so damn good. She wants to be greedy but she can’t. She promised. With her mouth still full of his cum she stands up and kisses him deeply, passionately, and completely.
His hand finds her hot aching cunt and his fingers slide easily in. She can feel her own sweet juices running down her thighs.
“Hi” she whispers into his ear.
“Hello” he says, smiling back at her.
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