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His submissive – Part 6

(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5)

I think this is the last part of “His submissive.”  Other moments happened – and I will write about them.  But as for my first night as a submissive woman, this ending is appropriate.  I’ve jumped forward a few hours in time…

I finished writing the post as my Sir had asked me to do.  He had planned on reading it and then letting me come to bed.  I looked over at Him; He dozed, snoring lightly.  Sitting on the love seat all night seemed ridiculous but coming to bed without permission was not an option.  I knelt at the side of the bed and whispered to Him.


His eyes fluttered open, and He smiled at me.

“You are such a Good girl, pet.  And what a nice way to wake up.”

I blushed, smiling.  His praise always makes me want to purr.

“Can I come to bed?”

“Of course, pet.”

A year or more had passed since the last time I laid in bed with a man.  But even with a king size bed providing plenty of room, I cuddled up next to Sir.  He wrapped His arms around me and began to doze again.  Unable to sleep in the collar, I fidgeted until He woke up again and helped me remove it.

Not used to such close contact, it took me a while to fall asleep.  I prefer a dark, quiet, cold room.  Sir prefers it a little different – not dark, TV on as background, and arctic freezing.  It took me a while to drift off, but finally, I slept, exhaustion catching up with me.

I woke up to the feeling of hands on my body.  My back arched and I moved towards the sensations.  He grabbed my hair, and I moaned quietly; my eyes did not open.  He pulled me up and over Him so that I was straddling Him.  I knew what He wanted.  Our hands guided His cock into His cunt.  I began to ride him, slowly.  His hands rubbed and kneaded my breasts; His fingers pinched and twisted my nipples.  I cried out.  I sat up and my back arched.  His hand found my throat and I leaned in.

Abruptly, He moved me off of Him to my side, lifted my leg, and entered me.  I moaned.  He fucked me hard and fast.  I began to cry out in pleasure, my body writhing on the bed; my eyes unable to stay open.  Like a piston, he pumped into me, over and over again.

“Play with my clit, bitch,” he growled.

My hand found my clit, and as He came, so did I.  He laid back on the bed, breathing hard.  I purred and curled up closer to Him.

Moments later, I fell back asleep.

My Sir told this from His perspective in the day or two after it occurred – and His memory is probably better than mine, as is His version.  

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