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You’d think after a week with no sex, no kink, no nothing, we’d have fallen on each other like sexed up rabid animals when we finally got home. Yeah right. We fell into bed together, all right, and immediately went to sleep.

Was I a little disappointed? Maybe. For the first time in weeks, my mind was primed for…whatever. Instead of mentally resisting and telling myself to accept what I really wanted, sexual energy was vibrating just below the surface of my skin.

When I woke up before him, I considered pouncing. But I also know how difficult it can be for him to sleep. A tired John Brownstone isn’t fun for anyone.

I checked my phone instead. A deep dive into Twitter took my attention off of everything else. I didn’t hear him wake up. I didn’t feel him roll over. But when he wrapped an arm around me, cupping my breast and pinching my nipple, I forgot the phone and the conversation. They could wait. This could not.

Don’t be fooled into thinking there was a slow seduction. He was quiet, insistent, and lightning fast.

One moment I stared into a brightly lit screen, the next he pulled me close, opened my legs and cupped my mound. I hesitated for a moment. Could I handle this? Would it be too intense?

His fingers strummed and stroked my slit, finding my clitoris. In the past, his touch has been almost too rough. Too much. Too good. Call me Goldilocks, but at this moment, it was just right.

I trembled, catching my breath, as I reached out to grab the iron railings of our bed.

He didn’t speak. Neither did I, until I realized I needed no slow build of pleasure. Liquid heat poured through my limbs. My toes curled. My eyes squeezed shut. I wanted release. I didn’t want this feeling to stop.

I couldn’t take much more. I forced myself to squeeze out a squeaky whisper of, “Please, please, please.” He said nothing. I knew he wanted more from me.

“Please can I come? Please can I come? Please can I come?”

Would he ever answer? Could I hold the orgasm back for much longer?

“Yes, babygirl. Come for me.”

My favorite words. Pleasure didn’t explode through my body. It didn’t send me into uncontrolled spasms. This time, it took my breath away, as my cunt spasmed and clenched and I quivered and gasped.

He wasted no time, re-positioning me, rubbing his cock against my soaked skin, slipping in with a sigh of pleasure. Oh God, yes, this was what I’d been waiting for. Flesh and muscles stretched to accommodate him after so long without, feeling full after so long of being empty. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Never one to waste time but usually a man who prolongs his pleasure, he fucked me…hard and fast. I gripped the iron railing tighter, pushing back against him. Skin slapped against skin. His balls struck my body. He held on tight enough to leave bruises.

On his final thrust, he buried his face in the pillow and bellowed his pleasure. His cock continued to pulse and twitch inside my body as we tried to catch our breath.

“Did ya miss me?”

He laughed, rubbed my ass, and sent me to clean up. I felt his unspoken “Yes!” in every touch for the rest of the day.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Yay, we’ve fucked again!!! It was quick and it was short but it was also fucking good. If that wasn’t enough kinky fuckery, you know where to go to get more. 

Masturbation Monday Week 151

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