REBLOG: Being Daddy and Babygirl @JolynnRaymond

Daddy wrote a post a few weeks on what it meant to be my Daddy. Jolynn Raymond saw it and asked if she could reblog it. Crazy enough, I was invited to write a companion piece on what it means to be his Babygirl.

From my part:

Being a babygirl means that our D/s relationship doesn’t center around following strict protocol. I have rules, of course, and some of those rules are simply to please my Daddy, but most of them are to help me be healthier, grow as a person, or accomplish any goals I may have.

I am free to speak my mind, as long as I am respectful. I am encouraged to giggle and talk, to be silly and goofy, and to allow my playful side to come out into the open. When we are together, which isn’t often enough as we’re separated by 440 miles, I am often tucked by his side, holding his hand, leaning into him. Public displays of affection, especially spontaneous displays, are welcome and encouraged.

As a babygirl, when I feel comfortable, I’m often talkative, my words spilling over themselves in a giggly rush to come out. I am embarrassed easily, often blushing and shying away when Daddy says or does something sexually explicit (especially in public). I look to Daddy for answers or guidance when we’re together, and often when we’re not. I’m able to be vulnerable with him – giving voice to my fears, hopes, and joys. He sees a part of me that no one ever sees. With him, my hard, outer-shell falls away, and I allow my softer side to show.

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look! Click here to read the whole post.

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