Masturbation Monday

The Early Days #MasturbationMonday

Happy Masturbation Month! Like last week, I’m going back into the archives for this one. My third post ever, and second one about masturbation. It was published June 12, 2012 – it’s amazing how much can change in such a short time. Two years later, and I can’t imagine having this problem anymore…

I walked upstairs, heavy feet, heavy heart, swollen pussy. Sometimes I read too much.

I knew I had to do something about the ache – there and in my heart.  I stripped to nothing and climbed into bed.  Sluggish and slow, I almost dreaded this.  It wasn’t what I wanted – but I needed it.

I cupped my breasts, rubbing, massaging.  I pulled at my nipples – the pain made me feel alive.

One hand kept persistently tugging, while the other found my pussy.  I was soaking wet.  I started my normal leisurely stroking.

Soon I was frantically stroking my clit.  My back arched tightly, my head thrown back, my mouth in a silent scream.

Please, please, please, I thought over and over.

Something in me broke, and I began to sob.  I came in a giant rush, and my hands were soaked; my scent filled the room.  I cried harder.  I curled up into myself – knees drawn, hugging my waist.  Great, gulping sobs emanated from me.

I cried myself out.  Calm descended over me.

Wow.  I came hard, I thought.

I rolled over and slept, a little less heavy.


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