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Freedom – #MasturbationMonday

Here’s the thing about being sexually submissive and having a Sir, whether a Daddy or a Master or a whatever – your orgasms are no longer your own. That’s not a complaint. That’s part of what I like. My orgasms tend to be better and more powerful when he has control of them. But every so often a boon is granted.

A few nights ago, I was gifted with two free orgasms. The moment he said it, I quivered all over like a puppy. The jolt of pleasure that ran straight to my core was less like a puppy and more like a sex-starved teenage boy, but there was definitely quivering and tingling and pleasure and anticipation.

“Thank you, Daddy!” I purred into the phone.

When I finally made it up to bed, the full impact of the freedom I’d been given hit me. I rushed around to get ready – towel down on the bed (I’m a squirter, y’all), blankets pulled back (that squirting thing again), Mr. Teddy on the pillow next to mine, and no panties (of course). I made sure I couldn’t hear anything coming from the boys’ room, shut my door, and turned out the lights.

I settled back in the bed, drowsiness threatening to overtake me. Normally, I’m a greedy girl who dives straight for my clit or my g-spot. I hadn’t been overly aroused most of the evening and knew that the stress of the day could easily kill my libido. I ran my hands over my mons, pressing into my public bone. I spread my legs wide and allowed my fingers to skirt around my tight, dark hole. I laid four fingers over my labia and began to press inward. My hips took over and began to rock against my hand. My legs, bent, relaxed a bit, with my feet pressed together, exposing as much of my cunt as possible.

I shivered in delight, feeling the moisture slowly begin to pool. The feeling was delicious. With my left hand, I gripped Mr. Teddy. As I allowed my hand to ease off the pressure and one finger to find my clit, I pulled the bear in close to me. My finger swirled around my flesh; I could feel it slowly swelling and hardening. I pressed my face into Mr. Teddy, my hot breath parting his fur. I wanted to cry out and moan. I knew I was torturing myself by not simply speeding up and bringing myself to climax.

For more than 10 minutes, I tormented my body. I sped up and lightened the pressure. I slowed down and pressed deeply. Finally, the pleasure coursing through my body, emanating from my core, bordered on painful, and I knew I was close. I circled my clit with just enough pressure to make my orgasm imminent, but not enough to cause an explosion.

Finally, my body defied my hand, and every muscle spasmed as the pleasure ripped through my body. My hips lifted off the bed, my torso turned to the side. I contorted into unknown positions, and yet my hand finger never ceased the swirling motion on my clit. I cried into Mr. Teddy’s furry neck, the moisture from my hot breath creating a dewy condensation on my skin.

I bucked and heaved for several long moments through two back-to-back painfully delightful climaxes. My entire body trembled as I finally came back down to earth. I relaxed the death-grip I held on the bear and with regret removed my hand from my pussy, knowing I had only been allowed two – and I’m nothing if not a good girl.

I disposed of the towel, fluffed Mr. Teddy back up, and yanked the covers over me, creating a cocoon, and fell asleep, momentarily satisfied. A little bit of freedom never hurts…

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