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She had arrived at his apartment as ordered. Naked but for her thigh highs, garter belt, and heels under her long jacket, babygirl knew she was in for something tonight, but wasn’t sure what.

“I want you over for dinner, babygirl,” said Sir on the phone.

“Ohhhh, dinner?” 

“A candlelit dinner, just the two of us.”

Babygirl had never experienced the stereotypical romantic gestures, so as nervous as she was about her state of dress, she was also very excited.

The door opened, and her handsome Sir stood in the doorway. Dressed in a beautiful black suit complete with silk tie, babygirl melted a little.

“Come in, babygirl.” 

His eyes appraised her, knowing what was underneath her jacket. Taking her coat from her, he smiled slightly.

“Mmmmm, you look good enough to eat, babygirl.”

She giggled and blushed, feeling very exposed under his gaze. Following Sir into the dining room, she felt confused. The candles were lit on the buffet around the table, the only lights in the room. Where were the place settings? The silverware? She looked at Sir with questions in her eyes, but she didn’t say anything. Sir always knew best.

Sir chuckled, his eyes gleaming.

“Babygirl, when I said I wanted to have you for dinner, it wasn’t an invitation for you to dine with me. You will be my dinner tonight.”

She gasped and looked down, squirming at the sudden desire she felt. Her scent filled the room, giving away her pleasure at his words. Sir took her hand, silently leading her to the table. Without a word, he motioned for her to climb onto the table.

“Get that ass down to the edge. I will eat in a civilized manner tonight. I do not talk with my mouth full.”

She lay back on the table, scooting down until her ass touched the edge of the table. Her legs hung off the side. She felt, rather than saw, Sir by her head. Suddenly, all was black as he put the blindfold over her eyes.

Sir gently took one hand and then the other, lifting them over her head, caressing the sensitive skin of her wrists. She felt the ropes twisting around her wrists,securing her to the table. She tested the rope. She could barely move her arms, although she wasn’t uncomfortable. Before she knew it, Sir tied her legs to each side of the table as well. She was spread open, fully exposed, and barely able to move.

Time slowed down for babygirl. Sir was silent. She wasn’t even sure he was in the room anymore. The cool air kissed her wetness. Her nipples tightened. Her musky scent became stronger as her desire increased. A light sheen of sweat covered the rest of her body. When would he touch her? How long would dinner last? What was happening?

And then…

“I will feast on you tonight, my sweet babygirl. Cum at will.”

Sir sat down between her creamy thighs spread wide. He stared down at her juicy, open pussy, marveling at the beauty of her womanhood, pink and swollen, moisture collecting in her folds. He inhaled deeply, smiling to himself as he took in her essence.

Leaning down, he flicked his tongue lightly across her labia. Babygirl twitched as a small squeak escaped her lips. Another flick of the tongue. And then another. His tongue landed randomly, causing her to twitch and gasp, never knowing what would be touched next.

Tiring of his appetizer, Sir pressed his tongue against her clit, thinking to himself, “Let the feast begin.”


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