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Mirror, Mirror

I received a text message today: When you get home, you will play with my cunt and my ass in front of your full length mirror, you will cum as many times as you can, and you will watch yourself.  Is that understood?

My pussy clenched, my stomach tightened, and I realized my errands could wait.  I needed to get home.

I received my instructions when I arrived home: dark knight (black, vibrating dildo), blue glass, purple finger (a wonderful little vibrator), and the butt plug.

The only other requirement: fill myself again.

I laid out a quilt on the floor and grabbed my cum towel.  It’s the towel I’ve cum on so many times, that even with washing, I hesitate to use it for anything else.  I pulled out my toys from “the drawer” and lined them up like little soldiers.  Alone in my house, I still closed and locked the door – God forbid a burglar walked in on me, right?  Excited, I stripped out of my clothes, throwing them haphazardly around the room.

I sat on the floor and contemplated the row of toys.

Another text message: I want a picture of the knight and the blue inside of you.

My pussy dripped at the thought.  I began to tremble as I picked up the lube and pulled the blue glass closer to me.  I lubed up my ass, and two fingers slipped in easily.  My head fell back as I explored my ass, pushing more lube inside of me.  I grabbed the blue glass and squeezed lube over the top.  Imagining my Sir’s cock in my hand, I worked the lube down the head and shaft, making sure it was coated.  Laying on my side, I began to push the glass head into my ass.  A familiar tightening began, and I quickly grabbed the purple finger, turned it on, and placed it directly on my clit.

Within seconds, I felt an orgasm nearing and the blue slipped further into my ass.  I pressed the purple finger harder into my clit, and as I came, the blue glass went all the way in.  Stretched and filled, my ass held on to the glass dildo.  Gasping, I removed the little vibrator from my clit and picked up the dark knight.  I rubbed the head across my clit and pussy.  Already soaked, it slid in easily.  I began to push it deeper and deeper.  I snapped a picture and put down the phone, forgetting it instantly.

I looked at myself in the mirror and became more aroused at the sight of both toys in my body. I remembered my Sir’s command from the night before, and I began to slowly fuck myself with both toys.  I cried out in ecstasy.  Stuffed full, my body gripped both toys tightly.  I picked up the purple vibrator and held it to my clit again.  Within seconds, I writhed on the floor as I came over and over again, soaking the quilt and the towel.

Finally, I pulled the little vibrator away, turned it off, and tossed it, forgotten.  I needed something more for my clit.  I painstakingly pulled both dildos out of my pussy and ass.  They came out with a slight pop, and I sighed.  I felt stretched and empty.  I gently placed the blue glass to the side to be cleaned up later.  I remembered the picture and sent it before I forgot completely.  “Yours, Sir…thank you, Sir.”

I picked up the dark knight, my favorite of them all, and began to stroke my labia with it. I sat up, knees wide, facing the mirror and stared at my pussy.  Smooth and pink, I was mesmerized by it.  I watched as I stroked myself with the dildo, fucked myself with it, and then I turned it on and pushed it into my clit.  My head fell back, moans and whimpers poured from my throat.  I pressed harder and squirted.

The feeling intoxicated me, and I couldn’t imagine stopping.  I wedged the dildo between my heel and my cunt, turned it up a notch, and let it rest against my clit.  I braced myself on my hands, watching my soft, white breasts as they thrust forward, cumming over and over again.  Needing more, I took the dildo in my hand and ran it up and down along my clit until I screamed and gushed for long seconds, cum pouring out of my body.  I stopped only when my clit began to hurt.

Before I began to clean up my toys, I sat and stared at my pussy in the mirror.  Pink, swollen, wet – it was beautiful.  I snapped a picture of it for my Sir and sent it to Him.  As always, I said, “Thank you, Sir.  This is Yours.”

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