Masturbation Monday

I Started It #MasturbationMonday

I woke up, rolled over, grabbed my phone, and opened up Tumblr. Ya know, a typical morning.

Perusing the smut, I liked some of this, found that too much, thought “Rawr” a few times, and looked over at a sleeping John Brownstone. The light barely penetrated the blinds. Still early. He needs his sleep. I should leave him alone.

Sometimes I listen to myself…and sometimes I don’t.

I set the phone down and walked out of the room. Getting away from the temptation was the only way to keep my hands to myself. Moments later, I was back on the bed, kneeling by his side. His breathing had changed. He was still asleep but not deeply.

Leaning down, I covered his cheek and neck in light kisses.

He moaned.

I ran my hands over his shoulders and arms, down his torso, and over his ass.

He stretched.

Cupping his still soft cock, I nipped and licked his neck until he groaned.

My fingers strummed and stroked his body to life. I watched his face, looking for signs of awareness. His eyes opened slowly, the gleam unmistakable. I’d woken the beast. His cock sprang to life in my hands, twitching, seeking.

Unsure of what to do next, I sat back and waited.

He pulled me close, his arms crushing my body into his as his mouth clamped down over my nipple.

I whimpered.

He nipped and nibbled, lapped and sucked.

I squirmed in his arms.

He tossed me down onto the bed, pulling my hips into his. He sank his cock in deep.

I was soaking wet for him.

His hands wrapped around my neck and in my hair.

I melted into him.

Holding me in place, he found my nipple again, tweaking and pinching.

I moaned.

His hips slammed into mine, each thrust finding deeper places inside of me.

I panted and arched my back, silently begging for more.

He held my head down and smacked my ass.

I screamed.

He fucked me harder and harder.

I held onto the edge of the bed and lost myself to sensations.

He talked dirty.

I answered, “Yes, Daddy.”

His hand wrapped around my throat as he thrust one more time, arching his back, coming hard.

I may have started it, but he finished it.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! I shocked the hell out of both of us with what I started, but it was a good surprise. Before you go forth and read this week’s smutty goodness, I wanted to remind you that next week starts Masturbation Monday! Each week, you’ll have the chance to win a sex toy each week from a different company. Click here ===> Masturbation Monday is Coming <=== for all the details!

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Masturbation Monday

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