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The Four in the Morning Fuck

a full moon at four in the morning

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The four in the morning fuck isn’t your typical fuck. It’s not “love making” and certainly no kinky scene.

It’s quiet and muted. Yet it overwhelms and overpowers.

Urges waking one of you so strong that all you can do is reach for the other.

There is no more pleasant sneak attack under a layer of blankets than the four in the morning fuck.

The four AM fuck gives no fucks. It demands. It takes. One of you will yield, and four in the morning gives way to no one.

It’s the hand in your hair, holding you still.

The fingers sunk deep into your hip, pulling you close.

No words. No whispers of love. Just raw, relentless, all-consuming need.

Four AM knows little mercy and less of softness.

It’s the thrust of hips against hips. The squelch of cock and cunt meeting. A groan into the night. And a sigh against the pillow.

Four in the morning takes what it wants…yet gives so much in return.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! So, yeah, we fucked at four in the morning — if you couldn’t tell, and it was short and to the point, and put us both in a deeper sleep than we’ve had in days. Call me a fan of four AM, but, as I explained to John Brownstone, only on the weekends. Need more smutty goodness? You know where to go…

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