My goal as a sex blogger, writer, and all-around kinky person, is to provide my readers with information and insight about sex and fetish in a way that makes it seem normal, comfortable, and achievable. Part of that means bringing adult businesses, products, and services to their attention.

If you are an adult business, whether vanilla or kinky, and you want to reach a new audience, increase your sales, build your SEO, and create legitimate connections to erotic readers, I can help.

Take a look at the different advertising options available here on A Sexual Being. If you don’t see something you want or if you want a little bit of everything, custom packages are available upon request.

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I want people to be more comfortable in their own skin.

I want people to have better sex.

I want people to consider BDSM and the D/s lifestyle simply another orientation.

And I desperately want people to understand, “Your kink isn’t my kink, but your kink is okay.”

By promoting companies that make sex better, more fun, and definitely more interesting, I can achieve my own goals while helping you achieve your business goals.


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