February Photofest 2018 Sinful Sunday

My Perspective: Enigma at Ease

John Brownstone at ease shrouded in the dark - he's an enigma

John Brownstone at ease. He’s the quiet one between us, the half who only speaks when necessary. The one who creates better boundaries. I’m the open book. He’s the enigma.

And yet, in some ways, he’s more open than I am. More willing to embrace people. Easier to get to approach. Nicer. (No, really.)

He does the important things better than I do, although he’d tell you I’m wrong.

I envy his ability to be at ease with himself and with the world. To rest. To never feel the need to say, “Here I am! See me, love me!”

He’s my enigma at ease, and I’ll never get tired of trying to understand him better or share him with the world in whatever way he allows.

Sinful Sunday
February Photofest

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