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A few months ago, I saw a random tweet about an online BDSM and fetish magazine looking for contributors – I responded to the tweet and several weeks later, I heard back. They’d looked at my site and invited me to become a contributor!

So far I’ve written three articles for them, and I want to share them with you. Check them out and show the site a little love while you’re there.

A Most Erotic Breakfast

When I first discovered Dominance and submission (D/s), I started in two places – Literoticaand Tumblr. I read stories written by people with kinky imaginations or kinky lives, I wasn’t sure which. And I looked at dozens of pictures that turned me on, even as I couldn’t imagine being involved in those acts. I didn’t understand how people could put themselves in those situations – rope suspension, gang-bangs, even the simple act of kneeling confounded me. Everything I saw seemed to be pure fantasy. Surely none of those things happen in real life.

I’ve learned a lot in the past couple of years.

During a recent, yet all-too-short visit with my Daddy, I experienced something that I thought was only found in erotic literature or photography. We met in my hotel while I travelled for business. One night was all we were granted, and we made the most of our time. The night was filled with spankings, fuckings, and squirting orgasms.

The next morning, I felt my submission deeply. We only had a few hours before I had to catch a plane, and I wanted to give Daddy something he would remember. I ordered room service and was given a 45 minute wait time. Daddy went in search of coffee while we waited. Room service arrived earlier than we expected. I rushed around the room, getting his coffee ready, making sure breakfast was ready to eat before he walked back in the room. I wanted to kneel next to Daddy’s chair so that when he came back in, I was all that he saw.

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Playing in Public

Not everyone lives in an area with a vibrant kink scene. I know I don’t. I live in a rural, conservative part of the South where they beat the Bible and vilify sex at every opportunity. I know not everyone believes this way, but those two ideas are pretty prevalent in my area. The opportunity to be part of the scene is rare and hard to break into – everything is done in private homes or secret locations.

My first opportunity to attend a local BDSM club and play came during a time when I visited my Daddy. We’re in a long distance relationship with 400 miles separating us, and he lives in a much more relaxed area. No one advertises the local BDSM club, but if you’re in the lifestyle, you can find out about it, thanks to Fetlife.
We went to the club with a plan to play in a semi-private room. Neither of us had ever played in public, although Daddy had been to the club several times before he brought me. We hoped to use a St. Andrews Cross in an upstairs loft. That particular night, a neighboring club had been invited, and there were more people than usual.

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A Kinky Buffet

You know what I like most about Dominance and submission? You can be whatever you want to be. Take me for example. I’m a masochistic babygirl with a sadistic Daddy. But sometimes, I’m “pet” to his “Sir.” Every once in a while, I’m an exhibitionist – still new at it, but in the right place, I’m willing to bare it all. Or at least most of it.
For my Daddy, I want to kneel, crawl, wear a collar, and be used for his pleasure. Of course, I’ve learned that in a solid D/s relationship, He works just as hard for my pleasure as I do for His. Our favorite mutual pleasure is 69 – cliché, maybe, but oh so nice when both of us are licking, sucking, and moaning at the same time.

I follow the rules we’ve agreed upon. Some are kinky and turn me on – like choosing which, if any, panties I wear each day. Some are for my benefit – like overseeing my diet and exercise (at my request). Some are to help me feel my submission in a vanilla world – like requiring that my hair be let down at the end of the work day.
He spanks me because He enjoys it, and because I enjoy it. Sometimes He spanks me because I need one to get my head in the right place. Therapy spankings are very real and quite necessary for me. He punishes me when I disobey, but never with a spanking. For us, those are for fun and need only. We have floggers and a cane, but my favorite is over-the-knee, bare-handed spankings.

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