I Dissolved…

By Friday morning, Daddy wasn’t sick anymore. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

I came home from work, changed into something less…well, less work-like…and Daddy and I went to lunch. To talk about our relationship.

The entire afternoon was lovely. Lunch at our favorite bistro. Coffee (tea for me) at Starbucks. Sitting on a park bench in the sunshine with a cool breeze. We talked about our relationship. We talked about our future. We talked about our past. We strategized and planned our next moves.

While little was mentioned about it, we were all too aware that our time together was shortening. Daddy gave it to me straight – no more plane tickets to come visit. Not if he was going to get things taken care of on his end for us to be together by June. I nodded my acceptance. I willed myself not to think too much about it. The idea of not seeing him for more than a few weeks always leaves me short of breath and wracked with anxiety.

Sooner than we wanted, the afternoon ended. We had to pick up the boys and move forward with the evening. I drove to the daycare, and I began to dissolve.

In Pain

By the time we had one boy picked up and were on our way to the next one, I could barely keep my eyes open. A dull throb in my temples earlier in the day had morphed into a searing but pulsing, pounding headache. The dusky light of the early evening was too bright for my eyes. My hands trembled. I swallowed over and over again, nausea rolling through my stomach.

“Want me to drive home?” I could hear the concern in Daddy’s voice, even as he tried to keep it light for the 4 year old in the backseat.

I nodded miserably. When we pulled in to the parking lot, I gratefully handed over the keys. Tears threatened to spill as I realized I was going to be sick on his last night.

When we arrived back to the house, I walked upstairs and collapsed across the bed, grateful for the dark room. I couldn’t move or speak.

All three of my boys (yes, I consider Daddy one of my boys) gathered around, clearly concerned. Daddy came around the bed and squatted down next to me.

“Babygirl, what can I do?”

I burst into hysterical sobs. He gathered me close and let me cry. I don’t know if I cried because of the pain in my head or my heart, probably both. He shushed me, kissed my forehead, handed Mr. Teddy over, anything to sooth me. I could feel my boys crowding closer, worried about Mom. I choked back the sobs.

“Rest, babygirl. I’ve got the boys.”

I closed my eyes and slept. Daddy checked on me a few times, once to let me know he was getting dinner for the boys. Two hours later, I opened my eyes. My head didn’t hurt quite as much, but I was as weak as a kitten. I wanted to hide under the covers, but I knew I was losing precious time with Daddy. I stumbled down the stairs, legs trembling, nausea threatening to overwhelm.

We managed to make it through the next few hours with no further drama from me. Finally, we went to bed, and I dissolved again.

In Giggles

With food in my belly and a little time spent talking kinky fuckery online, I almost felt normal again. We readied for bed.

“Daddy, may I come to bed?” I can only imagine how pathetic I must have looked and sounded. Without hesitation, he acquiesced. I could feel the tears threatening again. We had to leave early the next morning to get him to the airport, and I dreaded sleeping.

With no warning, Daddy rolled on top of me, pinned my arms to the bed, and looked deep into my eyes. I wanted him – I always want him. But I couldn’t muster a strong response to being forcibly held down. I was glad that I wasn’t required to make any decisions or have much say. I waited, wondering what he had in store.


He licked my nose! I giggled. SLURP-SLURP! He did it again! I laughed and giggled like a child. In that moment, it was the funniest thing ever. We laughed and joked, silly kids playing in bed.

Then his grip on my arms changed. The look in his eyes darkened. I dissolved one more time.

In Need

He began to play my body like an instrument. He plucked my nipples until I sang. He pinched and tweaked. At his command, I masturbated while he watched and continued to deliciously torture my nipples. I gushed and squirted, soaking the bed.

When he tired of watching, he spread my legs wide and dove in. His tongue flicked against my clit as I screeched and writhed in ecstasy. He sucked and nibbled. He slapped my pussy over and over again. My lips were sensitive to the slightest touch. He tortured me with his hand and tongue. I came over and over again.

Finally, finally, he lifted himself over my body, rubbing his cock over my swollen, tender slit.

“Is this what you want, girl?” His growls sent me over the edge. I reached between us, grabbed his cock, and guided his shaft into my waiting cunt. I pulled him closer, my nails digging deep into his ass. He thrust in and out of me, over and over again, faster and faster. My nails raked his skin, marking him as my own. I growled and grunted my pleasure. Wanting more, I held my legs as wide as possible and sighed when I felt him sink deeper.

Holding my hair to keep my head still, he pounded my body over and over again. Sweat covered both our bodies. We grunted obscenities to one another, our animal need taking over.

“Cum for me, you fucking slut.”

My body tightened as I spasmed around his cock. Seconds later, he buried himself even deeper as his own body went rigid, shooting his cum inside of me.

Orgasmic aftershocks hit us both for several moments. Time passed as we each caught our breath and found the strength to move again.

Later, snuggled up close, we talked about the day – our conversation, my sudden illness, our kinky fuckery. Neither of us wanted to fall asleep, but eventually, sleep won. For the moment, I was done dissolving.


About the author

Kayla Lords

I am a sex blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, international speaker, kink educator, and all-around kinky woman. You can find me online sharing my innermost sexual thoughts and experiences, teaching other bloggers how to make money writing about sex, and helping kinksters have happy healthy BDSM relationships. I'm also a masochistic babygirl submissive with an amazing and sadistic Daddy Dom and business partner, John Brownstone. Welcome to my kinky corner of the internet!


  • Such the wrong time of the month for me to read this.. Dissolving right along with you…4 months….you can do it Kayla. (((((HUGS)))))

    • I’m blocking most of it out of my mind and focusing on what I need to do to make this work. We’ll know how and when we’re going to proceed by May. That feels better than saying I probably won’t see him until June.

  • You have a talent for taking a sad story and turn it into something hot and sexy!

    So I sat here this morning staring at this screen, trying to find the words of support and encouragement, something brilliant, something that I haven’t said before- So here goes…

    Dear Southern Sir… It is my belief that for Kayla to endure the the separation from March till June with nothing, zilch, nada to look forward to would very difficult for her to bear. Therefore I propose that you both consider placing on your websites a donation option… You could call it “please help bring Daddy to baby girl” and Sir and I will be the first to donate! ;D I think it might work- Hehehe!

    Seriously Kayla, I know your heart is heavy today friend, please know we are thinking about you both. You know where to find me if you need a friend to lean on. And you know we can at any given time rally the subs for a sub fest chat… You just say the word!

    Great big bear hugs to you friend!

    • Damn it, Mynx, don’t make me cry! ((HUGS)) Thank you. I adore all of you. I’m trying to focus on what I can do instead of what I can’t.

      I don’t think Daddy has ever accepted anything he didn’t work for, so I don’t know if he’ll take you up on your suggestion, but I appreciate the thought. ((HUGS))

      If I can get my business off the ground – and possibly publish another book – in the next few months, I think we’ll all breathe a little easier. And it will feel like the sacrifice is worth it. If that makes any sense.

  • Ugh! This week has been a roller coaster for you guys. You are now one day closer to June and you CAN do this. I’m with the other subbies; you let us know how we can support you and we will be on it. Meanwhile, the countdown starts! One day closer to your Daddy and Happily Ever After as of today. Hoping your headache stays down but your spirit goes up today. Xoxoxo Angel

    • I’m feeling better because I’m busy – which is a good thing.

      If all works out, the next time he’ll be back will be when I have to pack the moving van. That idea makes me smile and makes me sad. I don’t want to wait that long, but I’m ready to move.

  • There is a unique bond which transforms out of two people together who genuinely care for one another. Your bond, your trust, your belief in one another WILL see you through. Of the two of you, I know that you’re both enthusiastic, sincere and innovative. Your motivation to be together is intense and your love apart and together is very formidable. Continue to channel your collective energies toward your collective goals- make it? Oh, you’ll make it alright- neither one of you have give up in your vocab’s!

    But seriously, a nose lick?! How awesome!!! The perfect RX for breaking the monotony of the inevitable, well done! 🙂

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

    • Thank you, TW. You’re right, and I know you are. Hard to remember sometimes.

      I adore his silly side, and he always knows exactly when it bring it out…the nose lick was the start of a very good time had by all. 🙂

  • This past week was truly a roller coaster ride for us both in many ways. Four months seems like a long way off yet in light of all that we need to accomplish it is a short time indeed.
    Life has begun throwing us curves to say the least, yet all it does for me is strengthen my resolve to push forward. I keep my eyes on the prize…..You, Me, US!!!!!
    That is what continues to propel me forward.
    SO many people say that LDR’s don’t work, well I know differently.
    It takes; commitment, trust, communication, and most of all love. We have all that and more.
    W/we have a goal, that goal is now in sight and aiming for the bulls-eye.

    TW, yes the good old ‘nose lick’ gets them every time, broke her mood wide open. There was also the time I went Mr. Spock on her, had her in stitches for hours.

    I want to thank everyone for their support it means a lot to me, to U/us. The next few months will be busy and I’m sure there will be some curve balls thrown in the works as well, wouldn’t be life otherwise.
    But in the end we will persevere as I know no other way.

    • ((HUGS)) I love you, Daddy.

      I believe in us, and I believe in our goals and dreams. I think that is part of the reason why it’s been so easy to get work done today. In our individual ways, we’re working towards a common purpose.

      The nose lick and Mr. Spock together would probably render me completely useless for the rest of the night. 🙂

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