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Erotic Sex Toy Reviews

I’m a kinky girl who loves to have kinky, sexy fun.

What I’m not is a typical sex toy reviewer. To be honest, I suck at it.

I’m a writer who loves to weave a picture using words, and I often use my own erotic experiences as story lines, blog fodder, and word-porn for the thousands of readers who join me every single month.

What does that mean for you as a company selling sex toys, adult items, and kinky fuckery?

I write what I know, what I do, and what I experience. Instead of a typical sex toy review, I want to feature your sex toy in one of my real-life kinky blog posts.

If you’re willing to let me try one out for free, I’m willing to let my readers experience it with me.

All experiences are honest – sometimes brutally so – good or bad. But I pride myself on making readers squirm with delight, no matter what.

Take a look at a few posts I’ve written featuring my own personal toy box:

Not Enough Towels – featuring the Original Magic Wand

“Babygirl…Play With Yourself” – featuring Pink lubricants

If you’d like your product featured in a similar way, I am accepting sex toy, fetish gear, and other adult products. Contact me at kaylalords at gmail dot com.


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