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I Took It

early morning sunrise, the time John Brownstone and I usually have sex

Early morning, before-the-sun-rises sex is kind of our thing. Even when it’s routine, it’s good. But when he fucks me like the Dominant man I need, and I take it like the submissive woman he craves, it’s even better.

I heard the nightstand drawer open before my mind registered the sound. Lube.

I felt the mattress dip and knew what to expect a second before it happened. Fingertips digging into my hips.

His cock slid in deep, and we both exhaled.

My brain began processing information long before my eyes opened up.

Hands on hips. Pelvis against my ass. God his cock feels so fucking good.

And then a switch flipped somewhere. Instead of our typical early morning sex, it felt like fucks of older times, more connected moments.

His hands tugged at my hair. His nails raked down my back. My breath caught with each new sensation; my mind unable to process the sensations fast enough.

Tweaked nipples. My body bent back; my eyes squeezed shut against the pain. I grabbed onto the iron bars of our bed and held on. Pushing back or bracing myself, I don’t know.

My skin tingled, then burned, then sizzled. He moved at a steady pace, neither dawdling nor rushed. Every movement controlled, powerful, and certain. This was a claiming…a reclaiming. For too long had we bumped and ground against each other in a passive dance of pleasure. Now he took his pleasure, and I took everything he gave.

His pelvis slapped against my ass with a thrust so vigorous I yelped. He forced my head back, my scalp burning in his grip, until tears pricked the corners of my eyes. And still, I took it. No whimpering and sending the signal of too much. No begging for less.

If I had possessed the power of speech at such an hour, I would have begged for more. And in that moment, I have no doubt he would have given it to me.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! John Brownstone fucked me, and I thanked him for the fuck and the blog fodder. This week it’s a two-fer, because our sleepy morning sex is also part of Kink of the Week. Click either button below for more of the good stuff!

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