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Finding a Fuck Buddy #sponsored

How to Find a Fuck Buddy

I’m not really wired for a casual one-offs when it comes to sex. I’ve tried one night stands, and it just doesn’t do it for me. But a fuck buddy? I always thought that might be nice, especially if it’s someone who really is a “buddy” and the fucking is good. Sort of like, I really just want you to fuck me but I’d totally have a coffee with you kind of thing.

Now that John Brownstone and I are looking at our relationship in new and interesting ways, it’s possible this could work for us. But how exactly does one find a fuck buddy? I am not even going to pretend to be an expert at this. Thankfully, Sex With No Strings is here to help.

Having that special friend you can call when the mood strikes is great, well, at least it is in theory. The reality is that most of us only manage to achieve this with a mild success rate, meaning finding that perfect fuck buddy is more of a fantasy than a reality. But this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the whole concept altogether, especially today where we have the internet to help us hook up with people by a few simple clicks on the keyboard or taps on the screen. How do you find a fuck buddy – kinky or otherwise? – let us count the ways…

Sleep With a Friend

It makes sense that people associate fuck buddies with friends, after all the word ‘buddy’ tends to go towards that direction. It is in fact entirely possible that you can have a friend that you have sex with over the years, and you decide not to make it any more than that. For the most part, this can actually work out pretty well, as long as you agree on certain rules. Communication is everything – even if you’re “just” a fuck buddy. It’s important because over time love or jealousy happens; and you could well end up losing your friendship over it. Not cool.

Find a Fuck Buddy Online

There are a lot of sex dating sites out there – too many to count anymore. People use them for a lot of reasons, but let’s be real – a lot of the time, it’s for sex. It won’t be too weird if you advertise you’re looking for a fuck buddy. Just make sure that you use websites that help you find local fuck buddies rather than traditional dating sites, as most people using normal dating sites are mainly looking for something a bit more serious. So take your time to look around online for the sex-dating site that works best for you, most are free or have free option you can use before deciding what to pay for.

Take It Slow

Maybe a lot of the people you reach out to will only want to have sex as a one-off thing, after all plenty of these sites are based on no-strings encounters. People just want to get laid and they don’t really want to see that person again. If you know that going in, and aren’t expecting anything more, it’s not that big of a deal. But maybe if things go well then that occasional partner might consider calling you again – hopefully, you’ll want them to call you. And if you liked them that much, reach out yourself!

Keep your expectations realistic, though. Some people really don’t want much more than that one moment. Set ground rules for yourself – if this really is just a fuck buddy, think about how you’ll handle it if one of you develops feelings. Be safe, but have a good time, too.

Doing the fuck buddy thing isn’t for everyone. For those who want or have one, the reasons are all different. Maybe you want someone to call when you’re bored. Maybe they’re a really good fuck. Maybe you don’t have time for a relationship. Hell, maybe you’re like John Brownstone and I, and the idea just appeals to you on a poly/kinky level of some sort. The reasons don’t matter as long as you’re careful – with your heart, mind and, physical safety, y’all. 

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  • What FECKING awesome advice you have given! Are little family not only get to fuck anyone with in the ‘close’ family ( boss man , kitten , mouse , little bear and babe) but also we are allowed to play with the ‘extend’ family. As long as we ask the bossman first , we play safe and let each other know where and what and who we are doing! The key is to talk about it! I feel the need to say where not swingers , as we don’t fuck just for the physical , but also for the emoting coniction!

    Pixie X

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