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#ShamelessPromotion for #TheBigGame (That’s Me!)

I’m shamelessly promoting myself today! Yay!! Who wants to hold hands and dance in a circle with me???

The Big Game is my second short story, and I’m proud of what I’ve written. The damned few amazing people who’ve read it already seem to love it, and I’m hoping, if you’ve got an extra dollar just laying around that you will too!

Available on Amazon AND Smashwords!!!

Available on Amazon AND Smashwords!!!

For you, an excerpt…

The men exchanged jovial greetings. They talked about the football teams playing that evening, sports in general, moving from topic to topic. They were comfortable with one another, and it showed in their easy conversation. She stood quietly to the side. After a few minutes of idle talk, she sensed a lull.

“Strip, slut,” growled Sir R, abruptly. She had never learned his name, even from his Kitten.

She glanced at her Sir for confirmation. He only stared stonily back at her. She knew that for this night, she had four Sirs to answer to. Her stomach quivered; she desperately hoped she could please them all.

She unzipped her jeans and slowly pulled them down over her round ass, letting them fall to her feet. Stepping out of the crumpled jeans, she kicked them against the wall behind her. She pulled her t-shirt over her head, her creamy breasts on full display as her arms stretched over her head, nipples dark and tight already. No underwear, as Sir had commanded earlier.

Fully nude, her eyes downcast, she stood quietly, waiting.

“That’s better,” grunted Sir R.

“The game’s about to start,” said her Sir. “Let’s go into the family room. We’ve got everything set up in there. Come, pet.” He turned and began leading everyone into the adjacent room.

She followed the men into the room. They had four thick, plush, comfortable chairs set up around the 51 inch new smart TV, Sir’s newest electronic toy.  Each man chose a seat. Once they were comfortable, she went to the bar at the back of the room and grabbed a tray. Slowly walking around the room, offering each man a beer, she kept eyes averted to show the men her respect for their Dominance. Periodically, she would feel fingers caress her hip or breast. Goosebumps pebbled her flesh at the contact.

“Ok, let me remind everyone of the rules tonight.”

Inwardly, she was pleased. This was Sir’s way of giving her a bit of warning.

“Each quarter, she’s yours to do with as you please. Remember one rule: you can only cum in her mouth. If you fuck her, fine, but don’t cum in my ass or my cunt, got it?” he asked the men. “And her safe word is ‘red.’”

They all nodded their understanding.

He looked at her. “You have one rule, too, pet. Do not make a sound the entire game. We want to enjoy the game, and your moans will only distract us,” he stated. “Understood, slut?”

“Yes, Sir.” She wondered if she was even capable of silence, often screaming her pleasure. She shuddered, wondering for a moment what might happen if she failed.

Want to buy it?? (/closes eyes, crosses fingers, and whispers, “Please say yes, please say yes!”)

Buy it on Amazon.

Buy it on Smashwords.

I’m overwhelmed by the positive reviews I’ve received, too. I might never sell another copy, but there’s something about knowing that people appreciate my style and my story that is absolutely overwhelming.

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