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To prove I’m not a total slacker, I’m actually accepting an award for once! Yay!! I was given this by two different bloggers – which is a little overwhelming, and I go back into my Sallie Fields speech again…”You like me, you really like me!”

It’s strange to me because sometimes I’m in no way sensual, and sometimes I think I try too hard. But, if someone out there in the world thinks my musing are sensual, I won’t argue!

Thank you Theo Black and Pervertically Virtuous for the award!

Ok, now for the acceptance of the award and the rules – of which I will tweak slightly because, well, because I can!

Answer seven questions, write a sensuous paragraph, and nominate other bloggers.

I’m going to answer Theo’s questions and use his prompt. I’ll create a new prompt, but I won’t create new questions. (I’m such a rebel!) And for those that I nominate, feel free to follow the rules or not.

1. Describe your last sexual experience in 3 words.

animalistic dirty anal

2. What did you think about last time you masturbated?

How much I desperately wanted to cum while he watched me.

3. What’s your number one hard limit, no exceptions?

I have three, actually – blood, scat (poop) and urine. Ick, ick, ICK! But if that’s you’re thing, that’s cool, too.

4. What’s the easiest/quickest way for you to get off?

Fuck my mind, then touch my clit.

5. What movie, not porn, do you find the most arousing?

Scent of A Woman

6. If you had to have, or do have, a fetish, what is it?

D/s is not a fetish to me because I consider it a lifestyle, but I do have BDSM fetishes – collars, bondage, pain, mmmmmm, I’m wet now. damn!

7. Anal sex… you like it or no?

Yes, I think I do.  It feels raw and dirty. It causes more sensations that my mind can process. It’s delicious.

The prompts for a sensual paragraph are “rope,” “school,” “impossible,” and “discover.” Oh Lordy, let’s see what happens with this…

She thought it was impossible to be any more turned on than she had been, until she put on her school girl uniform. The pleated skirt barely covered her ass. The buttons of her white shirt strained against her breasts. The shadows of her nipples visible beneath the fabric. She didn’t know why he requested this outfit, but she loved it. Dressing this way made her pussy ache and need his touch. He knew she was about to discover exactly what it meant to need him. As he brought the rope out of the toy box, she gulped hard – and he smiled. 

Not my best, but not my worst.

Ok, so, to award a few sensual bloggers. This is always hard. I am never offended if you don’t accept the award and play along – promise!

The Sleeping Beast – his words turn me on. He’s new to this, so be gentle.

The Wistful Sinner – I know he’s already been awarded this by a few people, but DAMN, he’s good.

Adventures of a Word Wytch – she can weave a tale soooo well. She created worlds, y’all.

Vanilla Mom – she writes epic pieces and they are soooooo worth the extra time to read!

Ok, so if nothing else, go discover some bloggers you may have never known existed.

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