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The Kitchen Table

My mind wandered today – to a very happy place…

She heard His car pull into the drive way. Her stomach flipped over a few times, but her body stayed put. She heard the doorknob turn and the creak the door made as it slowly opened. She heard the slight intake of His breath, so subtle, it might have been missed by anyone else. She knew the sight she presented to Him. On her knees, head down, she waited for Him to approach.

“Well, now I’m truly sorry I was late getting here, pet.”

She heard the sound of His shoes on the tile. Her body trembled in anticipation. He had been late by 30 minutes, but she waited patiently in position. The ache in her knees and back inconsequential compared to what she hoped the night would bring.

The time on her knees allowed her mind to focus on her purpose, on her submission. She wanted only to provide pleasure for Him, knowing she would be rewarded with pleasure she could not imagine.

She felt His hand on her hair, stroking gently.

“Show me around, pet.”

She languidly fell to all fours – He had not indicated she could stand. She guided Him through her living room and into the dining area and small kitchen. Turning, she headed for the stairs to show Him the bedroom. Her pussy quivered at the thought of Him in her bedroom for the first time.

She crawled up the stairs, wondering if He admired her ass and flanks as He watched her. Her cunt practically hummed with anticipation. She showed Him the bathroom and her bedroom upstairs.

“Let’s go back downstairs, pet. We’ll come back to this later.”

A small ripple of disappointment moved through her body, but she complied. As they came to the top of the stairs, she felt His hand on her arm, helping her stand. She kept her head down, eyes averted as they walked down together.

At the bottom of the stairs, He broke contact. They faced her kitchen table, for once clean of all paperwork, bills, children’s art projects.

“Get on the table, slut, and show me my pussy.” His voice became steely and lost all hint of its previous gentleness.

She moved quickly and hoped she managed to appear graceful as she climbed on top of the table. She laid back, knees up, legs wide open. Her hands moved down to her cunt, spreading her labia wide for His perusal.

A light sheen of sweat covered her body. Her mouth went dry as she wondered what came next.

“Don’t move, slut.”

She heard Him walk away. A moment later, the tell-tale sound of a zipper, and then the sound of rummaging. She had forgotten all about His bag of toys He said He would bring. He walked closer and she heard a jangling noise and knew – the cuffs and restraints.

Her pussy weeped with desire. He grabbed one ankle and tied it to the table leg, then the other. Her hands never moved.

“Let go of my pussy, whore.”

He grabbed her wrist and placed a cuff around it and hooked it to the restraint already attached to the table leg. He repeated the motions with the other wrist. Tentatively, she pulled and tugged to check her slack. Not a lot, but she wasn’t completely strapped down.

For the first time since He arrived, she finally looked at Him. He leaned over and kissed her softly.

“Lift your hips.”

Obediently, she complied. Confused, she could tell that whatever it was, it was made of leather.

He walked back to His suitcase and came back with the wand. She began to tremble. She both loved and hated the wand. It could make her orgasm within seconds, but she knew she was completely powerless when it touched her.

She looked at Him with a question in her eyes. He chuckled.

“I’m going to go take a shower, slut. I want to make sure you’re well-rewarded for greeting me properly.”

She heard a click, then a buzzing sound. Seconds later, it pressed into her clit. She realized what He had wrapped around her waist moments before. He adjusted the harness so it stayed snug against her cunt.

“And don’t make a sound, slut. We wouldn’t want the neighbors to call the cops.”

He turned and walked towards the stairs.

She began to writhe on the table. The first orgasm hit her and before she could catch her breath, the next one slammed into her. Within moments, she felt cum dripping down her cunt and pooling under hips. Beyond caring, she rocked back and forth against her restraints, unable to get away from the rolling orgasms forced from her body. She felt hot cum pouring out of her cunt. Sweat covered her body, plastering her hair to her forehead.

The waves of pleasure and now pain, rolled over her, as her clit grew more sensitive. Her entire world narrowed down to the sensations in her pussy and clit. She gritted her teeth and grunted low in her throat to avoid screaming. Her torso lifted off the table, her arms and legs pinned by the restraints. Every muscle contracted as the orgasms were wrung from her body. Tears began to flow as she convinced herself this would never end. The table was now covered in cum and sweat and became slippery. As she writhed in pleasure, her body slid from side to side.

Abruptly, the wand went still. She felt a gentle hand on her forehead. She mewled a little bit and leaned into His hand.

“Open your eyes, pet.”

She realized then that her eyes were shut tight. The light overhead burned as her eyes fluttered open.

“Look at me, pet.”

She looked directly into His eyes. She had missed the sight of Him. Her pussy continued to pulse as aftershocks hit her core, but slowly, the rest of her body ceased its trembling.

“Breathe, pet. Remember to breathe.”

She took several deep breaths, slowly relaxing. She looked in askance at Him. What next?

He smiled down at her.

“Let’s begin again. This time, I want to watch.”

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