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Ass In Training


Head down, ass up, she worked the vibrating butt plug into her ass, slowly, carefully. Willing herself to relax and allow the plug to penetrate deeper, she sighed into the mattress. Her free hand gripped the sheet, while her other forced the plug deeper.

Finally, she felt it sink all the way. Her tight ass accommodating the widest part, and then POP! it sank all the way in. She pushed the button to feel the different sensations from the vibrator.




With each push of the button, she felt her body relax more and more. Oh God, the vibrations against her tight asshole were decadent and dangerous. She felt the pressure building in her pussy. She could almost orgasm just from the sensations.

She realized how close she was to cumming and abruptly turned off the vibrator. She had specific instructions not to cum tonight. She was to train her ass for Him, nothing more.

Slowly, she pulled the plug out. Each incremental movement tortured her sensitive nerve-endings. Once removed, she felt empty.

Not ready for her training to be done for the night, she picked up a beautiful glass dildo. One of the first toys He ever bought her, she loved everything about it – its simple beauty, its ridges around the shaft, the way it could sink into her ass with little coaxing.

She generously lubed up her pretty toy, admiring the aesthetics of it. Lying on her side, she jutted her ass out and brought the thick head of the dildo to her relaxed asshole. Her body tensed briefly as it accommodated the dildo – it was larger than the plug and longer.

Willing her body to relax, she knew this would be easier if she rubbed her clit. Afraid to make herself cum, she breathed deeply and thought of Him. Soothed by the image of Him in her mind, her ass accepted the glass dildo to the hilt. Ahhhh, she sighed to herself.  She felt full again.

Slowly, she pulled the dildo out and pushed it back in. Hesitantly fucking herself, she shifted to all fours again. As her ass adjusted, she fucked herself faster and harder. Her head down on the bed again, she moaned into the sheets. She felt like the dirty little slut He always called her. She would have given anything to have His cock in her ass at that moment. In and out, in and out, inandout, inandout, inout, inout – faster and faster, until she felt the orgasm rising again.

She stopped quickly. Her pussy ached with pent-up need. She would not fail Him.

Used and open, her ass let go of the glass dildo with ease. She set it to the side, loving the stretched feeling of her once-tight little asshole.

She knew she needed to go further. She looked on her night stand and decided to try her vibrating dildo, much larger than her glass toy and definitely longer.

Once covered in lube, she turned the vibrator on to pulse. She pressed the thick head to her ass, but her hole refused to cooperate. She arched her back, pushed her ass out, and finally, finally, the head eased in. Searing pain ripped through her body. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead, while drops of moisture pooled in her pussy. The pain was exquisite and maddening.

She changed the vibration from pulse to a steady buzzing. Her ass accepted the vibrator, forcing her tight hole to stretch. Agonizing in its slowness and pain, she managed to push the vibrator all the way in. For several moments, she let it sit there, feeling herself buzz and twitch from the inside out.

Finally, she knew it was time. In….out….in… She began to fuck herself furiously, astonished at her body’s ability to accept something so large in her ass. The nerve-endings in her ass screamed; her cunt responded. Thrilled at her body’s response, she knew she was His dirty little slut. She wanted His cock in her ass more than anything, ramming into her body, annihilating any thoughts about this being wrong or dirty.

As had happened before, she felt the pressure building in her hot core and knew she would cum soon. She stopped banging her ass. Sad that her fun must end, she slowly pulled the vibrator out of her ass. For a second longer, she left the head just in her hole, relishing the sensitivity of her now stretched ass.

Climbing out of bed to clean her toys like a good girl, she looked forward to the day when her training was over, and He could take her ass as He pleased.

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