Masturbation Monday

What Do I Want?

Kayla Lords, bent over the bed

I feel like I never really know what I want. All my desires war within until I’m turned on and turned inside out.

Bend me over the bed. Run your fingers across my hot skin, barely skimming the surface and still searing down to the bone. Comment on how wet I am for you. Laugh at the squelching sound my cunt makes as you dip one finger then another, deeper. Be brutal. Stretch my body wide. Make me feel you long after you move on.

Pull my hair, holding my head in position. Denying me even a small freedom of movement. Whisper filthy nothings in my ear. Tell how much of a dirty slut, raging cock whore, wet bitch in heat I am…for you. Ask me if I’m yours. Punish me when I barely whisper a yes. Because I am, we both know it, and we both know I crave the reminders of your claim on my body and mind.

Nudge my feet apart. Kick at my legs when I move too slowly. Feign impatience with me even though we both know you’re as patient as any predator who knows their prey always succumbs eventually.

Smack my ass and comment on how my flesh moves. My skin will burn with desire and humiliation as I brace and hope for more. Even my flesh obeys you, unquestioningly.

Kiss and lick my skin. Taste every pore. Leave a hot trail of desire in your wake. Tongue my ear. We both know I hate that I love the wet invasion.

Press your body against mine. Let me feel your weight. Take my breath away before giving it back. Rake your nails down my back. Dig your fingers into my hips.

Tease me with your cock. Rub the tip up and down my slit until we’re both soaked in mutual desire. Until I push back, wordless whimpers and blind rutting. Pull away and ask me what I want. I won’t be able to answer. I never can, but my body will respond. Arched back, swollen labia. Cool air against slick skin tells me exactly how soaked I am, waiting for you.

I will beg in grunts and groans, squeals and sighs. You will take what you want, when you want it. And when you do, I’ll sigh with relief and pleasure.

I don’t know what I want, but I know what I need.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Not a lot of sexy fun time in the Brownstone-Lords household these days, but we’ve got sex toys and a good imagination so it’s better than nothing! Soon enough I’m sure I’ll get all the kinky fuckery I can handle. Until then, you know where to go for more smut!

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