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We’re several days into July and I feel like I’m forgetting to tell you something. Hmmmm, what could it be?

Oh, that’s right, my kinky novella, Madame Gretchen, is free on Smashwords all this month! Yep, that’s right. Zero dollars.

Plus, the rest of my catalog is 50 percent off. Half off, y’all.

Why is Madame Gretchen the free book? Well, for a few reasons…

I really think it’s my best writing (so far).

It gives a kinky and realistic look in BDSM while still turning you on.

And it’s my favorite book of all the ones I’ve written.

Just for you, I have an excerpt from one of my favorite characters, Ivory. If you like this bit, the link to get your free copy is that the bottom of the post.

Madame Gretchen cover

About Madame Gretchen

Six kinksters want to join the most exclusive BDSM club in the area, The Iron Maiden. The first requirement? Survive Madame Gretchen. Join them as they navigate six weeks of kinkiness led by a sadistic, crop-wielding Domme who loves forced orgasms and demands total surrender. Their limits will be stretched and their desires uncovered.

Excerpt from Madame Gretchen

The small Domme smiled reassuringly at Ivory. “You ready?” Ivory nodded, swallowing hard. All eyes were on her, and she had no idea what to expect from the sadistic woman in front of her.

“I’d say ‘be gentle’ but somehow I think that’d have the opposite affect, huh?” Ivory winked at Madame Gretchen, causing a wide grin to flash on the woman’s face for a split second before disappearing behind the professional mask.

Madame Gretchen looped one end of rope around Ivory’s wrist and pulled her arm up and away from her body, tying it to the steel lattice work behind Ivory set up to allow everyone to remain on their feet during this session. Ivory pulled against the rope, testing the give. Not much, but enough. She felt the heat begin to pour into her body. Moments later, as Madame Gretchen kneeled down to secure her ankles, Ivory became aware of her breasts, large and soft against her torso. Her dark nipples puckered in a way she hadn’t seen in years. As her second ankle was secured, she realized her entire body was exposed, splayed vertically in front of everyone.

Madame Gretchen turned to the others. “As you can see, I used only simple ties on Ivory. I would love to wrap a rope harness around her body – all of yours, actually – but we don’t have much time, and I want everyone to experience the feeling of restraint and helplessness.”

Ivory’s body grew warmer at the woman’s words. She certainly felt helpless, in the best possible way. A small sound by her side brought her mind instantly back to Randy Boy. Oh Lawd, I forgot all about him! Guilt flooded her. She looked over at him, expecting to see boredom, embarrassment, she wasn’t sure. Instead, his eyes gleamed. Without realizing it, she was sure, he was leaning towards her.

“Ah, ah, ah! Randy Boy, get back!” The sharp words from Madame Gretchen disrupted his forward movement and brought Ivory back to reality. “For that, you’ll be the last to touch Ivory.”

In any other situation, Ivory might have laughed at his hang-dog look, but instead she was disappointed. She gave him an apologetic look and turned her attention back to the woman in front of her. The riding crop was no longer set aside but was now being wielded with precision. Madame Gretchen used the crop to point out each tie, each place on Ivory’s body now exposed to eyes and hands, and all the places her classmates would be allowed to touch.

“The nice thing about rope is you’re open, exposed, and must allow yourself to succumb to the sensations. There’s no where to run and hide. There is only submission.” As she spoke, Madame Gretchen ran soft fingers down Ivory’s cheek and neck before pinching her taut nipple. Ivory gasped and felt the pressure building deep inside.

“Ivory isn’t your average grandma. I think she can handle more than you may realize. Everyone but Randy Boy, get up, come to the front, and touch her. Touch her body in any way that pleases you – in any way.” Madame Gretchen turned to Ivory. “What’s your safeword?”

“Teddy bear, Ma’am.” Ivory had never admitted it to anyone before. Only Ernie knew the safeword. Ivory refused to remember, refused to let the tears hit her.

Madame Gretchen must have seen something in her face because she stroked Ivory’s cheek gently before turning away. “Okay, people, the safe word is ‘teddy bear.’ If you hear that word, everything stops. Got it?”

Drake was the first one to approach her. Bella hung back in her usual nervous way that made Ivory want to hug her close – and shake some sense into her. Lawd but that man is fine lookin’. She hadn’t been this close to male perfection since her college days in Alabama.

“Hey there, Miss Ivory.” Drake was always sweet and respectful with her. Probably because she was old enough to be his Mama. “You’re beautiful up here. Just…gorgeous.”

The last word came out as a whisper but was quickly forgotten as she lost herself in the sensation of his gentle but firm touch. Warm fingertips blazed a trail from her neck down one breast, creating a circle of fire around her nipple before moving to the round underside. She felt him palm her entire breast in his hand, testing the weight, before squeezing gently. She sighed with pleasure and closed her eyes, happy to float away.

A cold, tentative caress caused her eyes to fly open and her teeth to rattle. Bella had finally worked up her nerve and stroked her other nipple. The contrast between their touches caused Ivory’s mind to whirl. The sensations were almost overwhelming. Hot and cold, firm and gentle, but every bit of it made Ivory’s body ache. Warmth gathered between her thighs. She could smell her own scent. Looking to one side, she realized she could no longer see Randy Boy.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeee!” The swipe of a fingertip across her clitoris told her exactly where he was.

He must have been kneeling by her feet because a second later, she felt something soft, warm, and wet lap against her clit. Deep, gutteral sounds came from somewhere inside of her as her body was lavished  on all sides with gentle, curious strokes, touches, and oh God, yes, licks. Ivory’s toes curled when Randy Boy drew her bud into his mouth and sucked, gently at first, but then harder and harder. She bucked against her restraints. Bella and Drake took their cues from Randy Boy’s actions and her reactions. Fingers pinched her nipples until tears came to her eyes.

“Yes! Jesus Lawd! Yes!” She didn’t know if she was praying for salvation or thanking her creator. “I’m gonna come. Ahhhhhhh, I’m gonna come. Right. NOW!”

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