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The Plan #MasturbationMonday

“So what’s the plan when we get out there?”

“The plan?”

“Casey, you didn’t ask me to come over for ‘play time’ with your boyfriend here if you didn’t have a plan.” Libby wrapped an arm around the dark-haired woman’s shoulders. “Our time together is usually private. So why are we ‘performing’ for him now?”

Casey chewed on her lower lip. How did she explain to her friend (and lover) that she didn’t really have a plan. All she knew was that Tyler needed to be driven wild for all his recent flirtations with other women.

Not that she minded if he had a bit of fun, but their agreement was that she always had to know first. Just like she gave him fair warning if Libby was coming over or if they had a date.

“I want him to remember that he’s not the only one who can give me pleasure, and that he doesn’t always have the right to touch.” Casey grinned. “But he can watch.”

Libby didn’t really understand what was going on, but she’d long thought Tyler was bad for Casey. She also didn’t think he’d get this particular lesson, seeing it as a source of fun for him – without having to do any of the work. Typical.

But she also wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to enjoy Casey. Showing Tyler how to really drive “his” woman wild would be icing on the cake. If he was driven wild or whatever, she didn’t really care. A hardcore exhibitionist, Libby could (and often did) get naked almost anywhere.

“Okay, so what’s the plan?”

It was simple enough.

They’d lay down on the bed and masturbate while kissing and see where things went. But the rules were Tyler could only watch. If he tried to join in, all the fun was off. They’d tell him it was because Libby wasn’t comfortable with a man participating.

Yeah, because if I tell him it’s because the thought of him anywhere near me or Casey makes me want to gag, I’ll ruin this whole thing, thought Libby. And I haven’t had a chance to touch her in days. I’m not passing this up, no matter how fucked up the whole situation seems. Damn, why can’t she see that he’s a toad?

Libby shrugged the thoughts away and smiled at Casey as she told Tyler she had a surprise for him.

“We want to play, baby.” Casey winked at her boyfriend. “And we want you to watch. But no touching or joining in. You know Libby doesn’t do guys.”

Tyler nodded and unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock. Libby tried not to curl her nose. She liked plenty of guys, just not this one.

“Let’s see what you sweet honeys can do for me. Go on. I’m waiting.”

Libby was sure Casey’s plan was a bust but when they kissed, she stopped caring. She also forgot all about Tyler or his semi-flaccid penis.

Tyler attempted to direct their movements, throwing out commands of “Touch her pussy” or “Show me some nipples, girls.” He was ignored as the girls quickly lost themselves in each other.

Casey leaned in and licked Libby’s lips. Libby nipped at Casey’s jaw. They lay side by side on the bed, one hand down their panties but it wasn’t enough. They could masturbate anytime, Libby thought. I want to touch her, not me!

Making the thought real, Libby rolled over and straddled Casey, running her hands over her lover’s breasts, tweaking her nipples through her shirt. She stroked Casey’s stomach, loving the goosebumps and quivering muscles she felt under her fingertips. Libby’s hand quickly replaced Casey’s down her panties.

Both women sighed with pleasure. Libby adored the soft hair covering Casey’s mound. She kneaded and massaged Casey’s mons before lightly running her fingers over her outer labia. She teased Casey with silken touches that were always just out of reach of what she really wanted.

Casey lifted her hips up, silently begging for more. Libby loved teasing her, making her whimper and whine, all while feeling how wet she became the longer she was denied. Finally, Libby dragged one finger up Casey’s slit and over her clitoris. She squealed and bucked, so close to an orgasm.

“Keep going. Don’t stop but get her damn panties off. I can’t see a fucking thing.”

Libby was distracted by Tyler’s voice. She looked up at him, not caring if he read her disgust for him on her face. She didn’t want this dumbass to dictate her actions, but she wanted to be closer to Casey’s pussy, too. Leaning back, she spread Casey’s legs wide and pushed her panties to the side.

She inserted a finger, and then a second. Casey gasped. She turned her hand so that her thumb rested against Casey’s clit. Her sweet lover mewled with pleasure.

Let’s end this fucking charade right now, thought Libby.

With her fingers and thumb working in tandem, Libby leaned over and kissed Casey’s neck and collarbone, licking and tasting her skin. Casey’s body was on fire. Her nipples hardened, poking through her shirt. She writhed under Libby, as if to pull her closer to her.

Libby knew Casey wouldn’t hold out for long, but she wanted her to beg for release, beg Libby, the one who loved her, for the orgasm she deserved.

Casey’s juices covered her hand now. Her clit swelled. Libby felt Casey’s muscles tightening and bunching as the orgasm barreled down on her.

“Casey, do you want to come, sweet girl?”

The other woman squeaked and nodded, unable to form words.

“I want you to come, too, baby. I really do. But when you do, I want to hear you say it. Say who owns you and your orgasms. Go on, sweet girl.”

As Libby spoke, she stroked and thrust, swirled and circled, and at the very end, she pressed against Casey’s clit.

Casey screamed, “Oh God, Libby, I’m yours, I’m fucking yours. You own me! Only you!”

The words came out in a rush, almost unrecognizable. But they all heard Casey declare Libby’s ownership.

Maybe this was a good “plan” after all, thought Libby, as she stripped Casey’s clothes from her body. The night was just beginning, and Tyler had already been forgotten. Only Libby heard the slammed door as he stomped out of Casey’s apartment a few moments later.

Now, to make sure she knows exactly what it means to be mine, thought Libby.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! I knew I wanted to write some fiction using today’s prompt. I didn’t realize this is what would happen. Libby owning Casey wasn’t my original plan, but I do love it. Okay, if you liked this smut, I’m sure you find more smut to love over at the main Masturbation Monday page this week. 

Masturbation Monday

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