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Obvious Satisfaction #MasturbationMonday

Masturbation Monday Week 137

He draped my leg over his waist and pushed me flat. No squirming out of this one. Not tonight.

“You need this, babygirl.”

I knew he was right. Two weeks of almost no fuckery was taking it’s toll. Long days, long nights, and none of it sexy.

Whenever there’s a forced pause between one sexy moment and another – as a pinched nerve in my neck had done over the past 10 days or longer – I always wonder if I can handle it, him, us. The overload of sensations. The sensitive nerve-endings. The roughness of his touch.

I never believe I can.

The first touch set my skin on fire. I squealed and jumped, attempting to roll away. He pulled me back. This was my medicine, my dose of release denied too long.

As if gentling a wild animal, his touch softened, his voice became gentle. He soothed me until I relaxed, fingers strumming and stroking across my entire vulva, finding every soft secret place. As I settled in, leaning against his warmth, he picked up the pace. Fingers flew across my slit. I arched against him, mewling and keening.

No longer struck by the intensity of his touch, I was blazing with desire and fire, all of it welling up inside, threatening to consume us both. My body bucked next to his, the orgasm taking me by surprise. I barely had time to screech, “Please can I come?!” before the climax blasted out of every pore.

If he said, “Yes” I still don’t know.

Before I caught my breath, his fingers went back to work. My body had found its own rhythm, the next orgasms weren’t so fiery. Instead, I relaxed enough that his rough handling of my clit produced a hot, wet gush that covered us both. He chuckled with obvious satisfaction as he slammed into my now more than ready and willing cunt.

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Welcome to Masturbation Monday! It was short but exactly what we needed. Before you go anywhere and read more yummy smut this week, an announcement. Masturbation Month is coming! (Literally, I hope.) Like last year, the main Masturbation Monday site will have a different giveaway each week from some amazing sponsors – Hot Octopuss, Mystery Vibe, HUM, The Butters, and Eden’s Toy Box. Be on the lookout for that when May arrives. Okay, now go forth and read until you want to touch yourself.


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