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I’ve never done this before mostly because I’m terrified I’ll forget someone I truly adore or that I’ll hurt someone’s feelings if I don’t mention them. But after so many years of blogging, it’s long past time that I recognize the sex bloggers I love. I fully admit I don’t engage in the sex blogging community the way I used to. The only blog meme I read on a regular basis, without fail, is Masturbation Monday. Even with the bloggers I’m listing here, I may not read every single thing they write, but I don’t have to in order to love them.

Masturbation Monday is my connection to the sex blogging community so it seems right to recognize the sex bloggers I adore (for a variety of reasons) on the last Masturbation Monday of 2018.

Molly Moore

Molly Moore is my dear friend, someone I admire, and the sharer of amazing ideas and plenty of advice. I tell her all the time that I want to be her when I grow up, and she just laughs at me. When I first read her blog, I saw many similarities between her relationship with her husband and Dominant, Sgns and my relationship with John Brownstone. Through her, I’ve also gotten to know and adore him, too — and not just because he answers all of my panicked Twitter DMs about my website, and then fixes the problem.

Hyacinth Jones

I don’t think Hyacinth Jones understands her place in the sex blogging community. She doesn’t think she adds much because she’s not blogging as often as she used to — or the way she once did. But many of us who’ve been around for a while know and love her. With Hy’s sex blog, I never would have realized writing about sex was something I could do. I lurked on her blog for months, loving the beautiful way she describes the smuttiest things before deciding to start my own sex blog. She bares her soul in a way that no other sex blogger I read does.

Cara Thereon

Cara Thereon is one of the best smutty fiction writers I know, and I look forward to the day when she realizes how good she really is. She was one of my first readers, and we’ve been following each other through many iterations of our blogging lives. Getting to meet her in person at Eroticon 2018 only confirmed what I’d already figured out by reading her work. She’s sexy as hell, smart as fuck, and a genuinely wonderful human being.

Marie Rebelle

Molly was the first person to inspire me to be more active in the sex blogging community, and Marie Rebelle was my second. Thanks to her Wicked Wednesday meme, I got the bright idea for Masturbation Monday. We bonded in the early days over our D/s similarities, but our affection for each other quickly grew beyond that. I admire her work ethic and drive, and look forward to the day when all her hard work in the sex blogging community pays off in all the ways she wants it to.

Mischa Eliot

Mischa Eliot is my second biggest cheerleader (John Brownstone will always be my biggest, lol). Whenever I have some wild-eyed idea, Mischa is the first to jump in and ask how she can get involved. You never know how important support like that is until you have it. At the same time, she’s also an amazing smutty writer. Her stories have me adding kinks and fantasies to my personal list and wishing I could crawl into the scene to experience it all for real. Meeting her in person this year was amazing and solidified my love for her!

Dr. J

I love me some Dr. J! From her southern drawl to her quick wit to the way she writes smut, I love, love, love Dr. J. She’s so supportive of the erotic writing community and adds so much to it. Her smut will make your mouth water, and her personality will make you smile. And I am so proud to call her my friend.

F. Leonora

In my head, she’s F-dot. And she’s also my soul sister. We were two Americans lost in London at Eroticon 2017. Once you’ve been lost in the rain trying to find a hotel, you’re required to bond — and we did. I love her hustle and her no nonsense attitude about blogging, publishing, and life in general. But I also love that all of her Masturbation Monday posts are a single long-running series that date back to the first year. She’s such a talented writer that I’m completely hooked and invested in this story. Every week, I want to know more!


Sub-Bee and I bonded over her Batman brand at Eroticon in 2017. She let a near stranger who barely introduced herself take a picture of her back — that’s my kind of person. Since that one random moment, we’ve bonded over smutty images (she’s a regular as a Masturbation Monday prompt) and our desire for zero unnecessary drama in our lives. She’s an absolute joy to be around and her blog always has something interesting going on, usually a kinky image. When she bares her soul and writes from the heart, though, she gets me right in the feels.

Amy Norton

Amy of Coffee and Kink is my newest love on this list, because I’ve known her the shortest amount of time. From the moment she hit the sex blogging Twitter world, she was a force to be reckoned with. Our first meeting in 2017 cemented the bond, and I’ve loved watching her grow as a writer and blogger ever since. Her writing skills are spot on (I’ve now worked with her as an editor and OMG, her work is on point). She’s achieved so much in a relatively short amount of time — I can’t wait to see what happens in the years ahead.

Other Masturbation Monday Bloggers I Love

I adore the bloggers above for so many different reasons. The writers I’m listing here I may not know as well or talk to quite as often, but thanks to Masturbation Monday, I get to read and enjoy their writing from time to time.

Some of these bloggers have been doing this a long time and some are quite new. They all have their own styles and views, but they also know how to tell a story that draws you in and makes you want to know more. This list is in no particular order.

Mrs. Fever

Lascivious Lucy

Quinn Rhodes


Jayne Renault


Floss Liddell

Asrai Devin

Jerusalem Mortimer


Nicci Haydon

A lot of new sex bloggers are joining the fun, and some older sex bloggers are reassessing where they want to spend their energy — and thankfully they’ve chosen Masturbation Monday! The bloggers I’ve listed here are just the tip of a very smutty iceberg. For even more, you know where to go.

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