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Short Bursts of Pleasure

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The morning sun peeked through purple curtains wafting in the breeze under the steady whirring of the fan.

The mattress sank under his weight as he crawled back in. Another early morning for him, even as he refused to stay awake for it.

I felt his presence even though my mind refused to swim to the surface and join him in consciousness.

“I need to pee,” I mumbled. The signal letting him know not to touch me just yet.

“Go pee, then.” His intentions were clear. Get yourself ready, girl, because I’m not holding back much longer.

I stumbled to the bathroom before stumbling back to bed, sinking down into blankets and pillow in the morning light and waited.

Has it really been so long? The time from our last to fuck to now seemed so far away. I couldn’t really remember when we’d last done this.

He reached out, a hand between my legs. I only ever have seconds to decide if I’ll melt into the sensations or fight them. The first touch is fire, and I croon into warmth that spreads like lava.

Did either of us open our eyes as his finger stroked my body, back and forth and back and forth and back and forth? Were either of us thinking about the day ahead as a single lazy touch lit my fuse?

It was over in a minute. I squirmed away, body convulsing until spasms rocked me to my side. It was enough.

Now in position, I wiggled my bottom towards him. A silent, “I’m ready” if ever there was one.

The slide of his cock against my damp slit.

Fingers wrapped around my arm — to brace himself or me?

The pleasurable pain of tight muscles parting for the first time in…how long?

I sighed at that first, perfect thrust.

The rest was all his.

Until, his fingers dug into my hip, leaving marks, holding me still. In a flash, I came back to the moment, my excitement hissing into the air around us.

One final thrust and we sigh in unison, sinking back down into sleepy bliss.

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