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Oh my Gawd, y’all! I’m going fangirl over here today. The incomparable, kinky, fun as shit Heather Cole, half of the must-read-go-now-don’t-wait Vagina Antics, has released a new book that, I swear, when I read the blurb made me squirm.

I actually begged (okay, I asked nicely) if she’d let me pimp her out to all of you. (This is significant when you realize that the past several promos have been done at the author’s request – and of course, I say yes.) She happily obliged. I cannot tell you if there was any squealing from either of us, but I bet you can guess.

Without further ado, because I’ve made you wait WAY too long…Sins, Heather Cole’s latest release.

Sins by Heather ColeWithin the walls of a secret Catholic sect known as the Order of the Inserere Immaculatas, lovers become worshipers, praising God with the euphoric plundering of a body’s most intimate secrets. The Inserere offer up their sensual pleasures, these intimate keys to heaven, giving any seeker the opportunity to receive a special divine ecstasy.

For 600 years the Inserere have flourished with the help of the secular organization, Liberus, that contributes essential financial support. Serah, Mother Priestess and leader of the Inserere, will do anything to ensure the Order’s success. When Nick Adams, the new CEO of Liberus, contacts Serah, he threatens to severe their relationship thereby closing its doors forever.

Serah knows that she must use her God-given talents to open Nick to the powerful experience of where sex meets the divine and convince him to continue their partnership. Although she trusts her abilities, Nick stubbornly remains an enigma, and the clock is ticking.

Warning: Please don’t buy this book if you’re offended by religion, sex combined with religion, masturbation, anal sex, discipline, BDSM, robes as outerwear, or people doing all these things while wearing robes as outerwear. [From Kayla: And if you are, how the hell did you wind up on my website?] If all of those things intrigue you (and/or turn you on) please buy this book. Thank you!

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About Heather Cole

Heather Cole has spent most of her professional life being a Girl Friday by day and writing about her sexual adventures by night. After spending several years ghost writing, Heather decided to write about her sexual awakening as a woman over 35. In 2011 she co-founded VAGINA ANTICS, an award-winning sex blog, with her best friend and partner-in-crime, Nikki Blue. Heather has written columns for Fearless Press (one about body image/fashion and the other about religion) and has been featured in Safeword Magazine. Heather can be found weekly at talking about sex, relationships, polyamory, BDSM lifestyles and education, and of course, vagina antics. She’s currently hard at work on her next erotic tale.

Heather lives in the south with her lively 5-year-old and a enormous white cat named Catsquatch. When not writing spicy erotic adventures, she enjoys running, baking, sewing, taking photographs, and eating copious amounts of chocolate.

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