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He Promised…and He Delivered #MasturbationMonday

We took time off from work last week just to be together, to reconnect, and to rest. Oh, and to engage in as much kinky fuckery as pre-school hours will allow. Three child-free hours were all we had, but a lot can be done in a short amount of time.

“I plan to wring you dry, girl.”

The words had sat in the back of my mind since the day before. I thought I knew what he meant, but there’s no way to be sure with a primal, sadistic Daddy Dom.

I had just dropped off the five year old at pre-school and come home. We’d made our way upstairs, talking and laughing. Nothing kinky or erotic about us. When we entered the bedroom, I prepared myself to hear, “Strip, girl.” But nothing.

Daddy puttered around the room, and I, quickly becoming bored, sat down on the floor. I slipped into babygirl mode. I played with the hem of my jeans. I stared at the ceiling. I knew better than to whine that I was bored or to ask what he planned. But I played and hummed.


I squeaked as Daddy’s latest crop-like toy (he calls it his slapper) made impact with my jean-clad ass. The first few smacks stung and hurt. I writhed on the floor, whimpering in protest.

“Stay still.”

I could hear the steel in his voice. Something about that tone melted me. Docile now, I gave myself over to his whims.

He stood with his legs on either side of my body, pinning me between them, on my side. Over and over, the crop came down. With some devil trick of his wrist, hand, and arm, I felt the intoxicating thuds of the flat of the crop as well as the excruciating stings from the tip. I let myself ride the waves of pain so I could enjoy the moment.

“Roll over.”

I rolled to my other side and sighed with pleasure when I felt his legs tighten against my body. I never tried to keep up with how many times the crop came down on my body. I stopped caring about the thuds or the stings. I simply floated on waves of pleasure.

Before too long, he was done.

“Too bad I can’t mark you up today. I could do so much more with this.”

I shivered, knowing he was right, but grateful that he remembered someone would see my naked ass that day – time for my Brazilian wax which meant no bruises or red marks allowed.

“Strip, girl.” There were those two words I’d been waiting for. He sees me nude every single day. He knows my body better than I do. But there is something about stripping for him that makes me feel vulnerable.

I stood in the middle of the bedroom, eyes down, waiting.

“Get on the bed, on your back.”

I knew something was coming. I’d seen Daddy pull out the Hitachi and a glass dildo. I had an idea, but as other submissives can tell you, we never really know.

He spread my knees, exposing my body to his gaze, his hands, and his plans. I watched him pick up a glass dildo and breathe on the tip to warm it up. My body tensed knowing it would still be cold.

“Hssssss!” I hissed between my teeth as he rubbed the toy across my slit. I felt it become slick with moisture, despite the cold.

He pushed it into me, turning it. Nothing but his cock has been inside my body for a long time. It took a moment for my body to adjust and accept the dildo, until then, the sensation was punishing.

He tweaked my nipples and stroked my face tenderly, completely at odds with the bruising force of the cold toy. My body responded to him, opening up and accepting more of the dildo. Once it was in all the way, he stood back, as if admiring his work. There I was, splayed out in front of him, open, vulnerable…waiting.

In a small voice, I asked one question. “Are we going to need a towel, Daddy?”

“Ahhhh, yes, most likely, we will.” He stopped his preparations and came back with a thick towel. “Lift that ass up, babygirl.”

Even in my floaty state, I managed to help him adjust the towel. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched him unravel the Hitachi’s cord and plug it in. My body tensed, not knowing exactly what to expect but having no doubt it would be intense.

He turned it on low. I stared at the vibrating head with a kind of tunnel vision that blocked out every other sight. He touched one nipple with the wand, and then the other. I sighed with pleasure. Slowly, he moved it down my torso until he reached my pussy. He brought it over my clit and lips lightly before moving it away. Over and over again, he teased me with quick touches, nothing that could cause an orgasm, but enough that made my body twitch and my breath catch in my throat.

The sensations were maddening. My body arched up to meet the wand with each brushing touch but my mind wondered each time if this was the moment he’d made me accept the full force of the wand’s power. Until…he did.

I screamed and clawed at his arm as my entire torso came off the bed, my thighs crushing the Hitachi and his hand. He kept one hand on the glass dildo to prevent it from being pushed out of my pussy. Just as I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he pulled back. I collapsed onto the bed, panting and moaning.

“Shhhh, babygirl, just breathe.”

I gulped in air. My body convulsed with aftershocks.

He teased my nipples and my clit again…until he didn’t.

Over and over again, he played the same game. Teasing touches with the wand set to high, and forced orgasms on low. Time lost all meaning. Pleasure and pain arced from the bottoms of my feet to the top of my head. Each time, he held the wand a little longer.

“One more, babygirl. Give me one more.”

Mercilessly, he pressed the vibrating head into my sensitive, swollen clit. His hand clamped down over my mouth to stifle the screams. My nails dug into his arm, clutching him. The dildo was forced out of my body. I screamed behind his hand. My thighs came together again, as my torso came up.

He turned off the wand and put it aside. I clung to him, whimpering as my pussy continued to spasm and convulse, my body rippling with strong aftershocks.

I collapsed into the bed and looked up at him through my eyelashes.

He smiled a little. “I told you I would wring you dry, babygirl.”

I giggled, a sound that seemed a bit hysterical to my own ears. “Yes, you did, Daddy.”

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Thanks to a few days off from work, I have been given a lot of kinky fodder to share with you. What you just read took place in less than 45 minutes, if you can believe it. And it didn’t end there! Make sure to check out the other posts for Masturbation Monday this week!

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