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An End and a Beginning

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Today is the last day of June which means it’s the last day of Hyacinth’s Write Every Damn Day in June challenge. I’m happy to say, of all the things I’ve taken on lately, this felt like the easiest. Possibly because it brought me back to my sex blogging roots.

Back in the day, I wrote nearly every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I had so many ideas at the time. It was like the words poured out of me.

In 2014, one of those ideas — Masturbation Monday — was born. A way of letting other writers share sexy, smutty erotica or just a few smutty thoughts with other readers and helping readers find new blogs to read. It’s been nearly four years since the first Masturbation Monday (September 3, 2014), and my memories of how it began are a little fuzzy. I kind of assumed that those first few weeks were fairly quiet.

Until I had to painstakingly change over to a new linking tool from an outdated, crap one. (Thanks to the recommendation of Molly Moore who knows a million and one things about running memes.)

When the linking tool problem originally happened, I jumped on getting things switched over and made good work of it. Until I stalled out and procrastinated. It sat undone for months.

And then June happened.

Hyacinth’s challenge and my own improved health gave me a bit of oomph. It was time to start getting things done and checking goals off my list. One small step at a time, 30 minutes a day, I went back in time…down the memory lane of Masturbation Monday.

And I realized how quickly bloggers and writers joined in all those years ago. I was reminded just how many people shared their stories. It was also a time to mourn the bloggers who’d shut down their blogs. (The side of me that likes things neat and tidy liked cleaning up dead links…but I do wish those bloggers had hung around, too.)

So on the last day of one challenge, I also finished up a personal challenge, and relived memories of a sweet beginning.

And since it’s also Share Our Shit Saturday, I want to celebrate the authors and bloggers (with active links) who joined me on the very first week of Masturbation Monday.

1 by Cara Thereon

Be gentle by Eva Lefoy

The Union by John Brownstone

The Newbs by H.K. Carlton

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  • Wonderful to have created something so many people participate in – I love to write for it, but I also jump on it for something spicy to read. You are really one of the keystones of the sex blogging community K – thank you. And I am really glad your health is improving, you will get back to yourself in good time, once the pain and fear is gone (fear of causing the pain to start again) <3

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