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6 Reasons Why I Love to Watch Him Masturbate #spon

Ahhhh, male masturbation. I didn’t know how much I loved it until just a few years ago. Of course, since I’ve only been masturbating myself since 2012, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I still have more to discover.

But what makes male masturbation so hot? Why do I reject the hairy-palm, blind, weirdo image we have of guys who admit they masturbate? Well, first of all, I tend to reject all stereotypes that make sexual desire and urges some evil, nefarious thing. But…as for guys and their masturbation habits specifically? Let me count the ways…

1. His Grip

No one touches us the way we touch ourselves. Plain and simple. When I see a guy wrap his hand around his shaft and begin to pump and stroke, I’m hypnotized by the sight. Those strong fingers. The sureness of his movements. The way he knows exactly what works for his body.

2. His Sounds

Okay, so not everyone gets moany and groany when they masturbate or get close to orgasm. John Brownstone does, though, and so do a lot of other people if they feel comfortable enough to let loose. I’m a high-pitched squeaker, y’all. The obvious contrast between me and the deep, mellow groans or (better yet) animalistic growls emanating from a man experiencing bliss is an experience by itself.

3. His Forearms

‘Nuff said, right? Oh, you need more? Okay, so maybe I’m biased against strong, firm, not-too-hairy-but-just-the-right-amount-of-manly-fur forearms. Once he starts his up and down stroking, the cords in his arm stands out. I can see the muscles working under the skin. He’s got a quiet strength both mentally and physically. He’s not yanking on his cock, he’s working it, not unlike the way he works my body. Gentle, steady pressure until he reaches the end.

4. His Toys

John Brownstone has used nearly every vibrating toy I own on his own cock. I love that about him. Thankfully, over time, we’ve received a few toys he can call his own. He’s not afraid to try something new if it feels good or might make him come in a way he hasn’t experienced before. Toys that help you masturbate aren’t just fun for vaginas, g-spots, and clits, y’all. And watching him play is just fucking fun.

5. His Expressions

Ever watched a guy right before he climaxes? I don’t get to very often – he’s usually buried deep, and I’m in my own state of excitement. But when I do, because he’s masturbating next to me, it’s fascinating. His eyes roll back in his head, too. His mouth forms the same O mine does. Jaws clench. Eyes squeeze shut. Muscles tense. Masturbating isn’t just about hand and dick. It’s written all over his face.

6. Being Turned On

Many times over the years, he’ll stroke his cock and then reach out to stroke me next. What does he always find, without fail? A wet pussy. As you do. Watching a guy (but especially John Brownstone) masturbate is a major turn on. He’s creating his own pleasure, and I get to watch. Of course, it’s even better when I get to participate, but not until I’ve watched him stroke himself, cup his balls, and curl his toes a little first.

Male masturbation is totally my jam, y’all. It’s why my Masturbation Monday prompts feature men as much as women. And if people’s reactions are any indication, I’m not alone in my love of watching the penis-owners among us find their own pleasure.

So if you enjoy watching guys masturbate as much as I do, don’t be shy and feel free to share your own reasons – kinky or otherwise.

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