Masturbation Monday

You Feel So Good #MasturbationMonday

His mouth covered my nipple, teeth nibbling, tongue lapping. I stopped in mid-sentence.

“No, keep going. You’re so sexy when you’re ranting about politics.”

For anyone else, I might have laughed and said, “Yeah, right” but that wasn’t a teasing tone I heard. I continued with my detailed explanation of healthcare politics. He sucked and nipped and licked harder, more insistently.

I lost my train of thought. He chuckled.

“You feel so good.”

He murmured the words against my neck as he curled around my body. I’d only been gone a day, but it seemed to have lasted a lifetime – for both of us.

I purred and arched my back, cat-like in my sleepiness, possessing a grace I would later lose upon fully waking. Searing hot skin pressed into my own. His warmth radiated, seeping from every pore, filling me. I wanted to close my eyes and sink into the comfort of his body.

He had other plans.

Hands caressed my shoulders, moving me so he could get to my neck, to kiss and nip. A hand slipped between us, stroking between my legs, petting my mound until I moaned and spread my thighs. He slipped between my slit, roughly moving his fingers deep inside.

I moaned. He chuckled again.

“You want this, don’t you, girl?”

Maybe I nodded. Maybe I grunted. The only thing I’m sure of is that I rode his fingers, eyes screwed shut, fingers digging into his shoulders.

“Please…please…” The rest of my words were muffled.

“Go ahead.”

Shuddering and quivering, I came in a small tremor. He calmly continued the abrasive fingering of my greedy cunt, who quickly wanted another, then another. And another. Each climax was bigger, more intense, and more painful as he mercilessly stroked and fingered me into submission.

With a cry I pulled away, unable to take more.

There was that chuckle again.

He pulled me into position, sinking his cock deep inside my body. A bruising grip on my hip, a tight hand in my hair, and a pounding deep inside. My brain couldn’t process the sensations. I whimpered and moaned little breathy “Oh-oh-ohs” over and over again.

Like a fucking piston (literally), he moved inside of me, finding and taking his pleasure, roughly handling my body so I could find my own bliss.

When he finally came, the last thing I heard before he roared his release was “You feel so fucking good.”

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Welcome to Masturbation Monday! I go away for one night and this is my reward for coming home. If being apart didn’t suck so much, I’d do it more often for some more welcome-home-fucks. Okay, now it’s time to see what other smutty writers have for us this week. Go forth and touch yourself in all the best ways, y’all.

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