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Bite Me #WickedWednesday

“Bite me,” she whispered under her breath.

“What was that, girl?” She could hear the growl behind the soft words.

She bowed her head, feeling both defiant and sad. She wasn’t sure why she’d been so bratty lately. Her skin felt too tight, and she thought her head might explode. She desperately needed a release of some sort.

“I asked you a question.” She knew he would not allow further disobedience.

“I said, um, I said ‘bite me,’ Sir.” She trembled as tears began to build. “I’m so sorry, Sir. I shouldn’t have said it. I was wrong!!”

Tears spilled over as she continued to apologize, stumbling over her words. What would he do to her? She’d never been this disrespectful before. What was wrong with her?

Her rambling words were cut off as he sank his teeth deep into her neck. Searing pain pierced through her tears. She began to screech and hiss in pain, writhing against him. His arms wrapped around her, pulling her tight, giving her no room to move. There was no escape from the agony.

He wrapped her long hair around his hand and as he released her neck, she felt her head yanked back. Her breasts thrust forward, nipples tightening in excitement and fear. Without a word, he leaned down and bit the round curve of her breast, no gentler than before.

Screaming, she tried to pull away. He held her fast by her hair, yanking hard each time she pushed against him. The pain burned but she realized when she stopped struggling that she could feel dampness pooling in between in her legs. Closing her eyes, she stopped moving and chose to ride the waves of pain.

He felt the change in her as she acquiesced to his dominance. Her body melted into his as she once again became his babygirl. Slowly, he released her breast, sucking the flesh into his mouth to sooth her pain. With a shuddering sigh, she looked into his eyes.

“There you are, girl.”

“Yes, Sir. I am sorry for my misbehavior.” She trembled in his arms.

“Apology accepted. I think you’ll carry the memory of this one with you for a while.” He smirked in satisfaction. He could see the outline of his teeth on her neck and breast and knew bruises would soon follow.

Ahhh, Wicked Wednesday, you always make me so happy. This week’s prompt was biting. For the record, I love to be bitten, but sometimes I wonder if I can stand the pain and I struggle against it. When I stop fighting, that’s when pleasure takes over and I become very wet.

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