Masturbation Monday

We Are One #MasturbationMonday

“Bite my neck, and I’m yours.”

I’m fairly certain I said those words once upon a time to a sadistic man who grinned his evil smile, winked, and said, “I’ll remember that.”

He doesn’t apply teeth to sensitive skin often, but when he does, I ignite.

Warmth floods the center of my body. Nipples tighten and peak, poking through fabric, scraping against cotton. My clit swells and firms, throbbing with need.

I sigh and then squeak. I dig my nails into his shoulder. My head falls back, my mouth opens. As the pain and pleasure mount, I fight. Him, the sensations, my own craving for more, I don’t know, but I become wild in his arms, desperate to get away, terrified he’ll let me.

And then, we cross a threshold where the agony of teeth in skin is no longer red hot and molten. I melt into him, my hands roam his body. My eyes close, I wind a leg around his thigh, pressing my weeping, pulsing pussy against him. Desperate for friction. Desperate for relief.

I want him to feel even a small part of my own delicious agony. I want him to need me as much as I need him. I want his cries of pleasure to wash over me, mingling with my own, until we don’t know where one begins and the other ends.

His cock in my hand, freed from zipper and fabric. It twitches and sways to a music all its own. The pearls that leak from his body are the proof of his desire. I use it against him, on him, for him, smearing it across his skin. Fiery hot skin. Rock hard skin. Velvety smooth skin.

My mouth waters. I drool in time with the fluids that drip from his body. My hand moves a little faster. My fingers tap and strum. I explore and tantalize, tickle and scrape, anything to create a new sensation for him and to force a groan, a grunt, a moan, anything. He may want my pain and my screams, but I want his need and his desire.

Give it to me. I will have it all.

Who’s demanding what? Where do I begin and where does he end?

It doesn’t matter.

In this moment, with sharp teeth bearing down on tender skin and tender hands seizing firm flesh, we are one.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Anyone else in the mood for a little teeth action after that? I know I am! Check out the other smutty goodness waiting for you on this, the best of all days.

Masturbation Monday

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