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Procrastination by Masturbation

pink sensations vibrator review

Tuesday was a lost day for me. I knew it Monday night, when I realized we would celebrate my best babygirl friend’s birthday at lunch and go to an award’s ceremony for the youngest kid in the afternoon. No point in trying to be extremely productive.

After my shower, I thought about what to do.

Write a blog post? Shrug.

Get a jump start on a client project? Yawn.

Masturbate? With a new vibrator (received in exchange for an honest review)? Yeah, that could work.

My hair was still drippy. Skin still damp from the steamy shower.

A squeaky clean orgasm or two definitely seemed preferable.

I grabbed the new toy – the Her Time Sensations Vibe. A small vibrator but the buzzing seemed powerful enough.

Come towel down…of course. No clothes to take off because I hadn’t put any on yet.

This post-shower wank might become my new thing. Too easy!

I settled back into the pillows and turned on the vibrator. Because of the hooked end, I worried the tip might be too much for my overly sensitive clitoris, so I tried the flat side first.

Meh. It felt good but nothing strong enough to get me off. More settings. I inserted it. Once inside my body, I felt even less. That little bendy tip was nowhere near my g-spot. Not that I think it was designed to do that.

Is this a dud? Or just not for me?

Finally, I got brave. I turned the vibe around so the tip could touch my clit. I approached my clitoris the way you might approach a wild animal. No sudden moves. Slowly. Slooooowly.

Lowest setting. Coming at my clit from below – as if by not being seen, the sensations might have less chance to overwhelm? My mind is weird sometimes.

And then I found it.

Aaaaaaaaaaiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!!! The first orgasm gushed from my body, taking me by surprise.

The second was swift on it’s heels, fluid pouring out of my body. By the third, John Brownstone ran into the bedroom, ready to take advantage of whatever I was doing.

I held the vibrator to the side and waited to see what he would do. Back to that wild animal analogy again.

He saw his opening and dived between my thighs, sucking my clit until I squealed again. After a quick bone-crushing climax from his mouth, he was gone, and I picked up the vibrator again.

A few more? Better to wank than work…

But it wasn’t to be. The fear of the pain I might feel at the end of the vibe on my clit was now a reality. It hurt like hell, even on the lowest setting. And no one other position of the toy made me feel anything.

I wasn’t wrung out from orgasms the way I like. Nor did I feel like I needed a nap. The highlight had been his tongue, and I could go for more of that.

As for procrastination by masturbation? I think that’s the best idea I’ve had in days…

Review: Her Time Sensations Vibe

pink vibrator sent by too timidThe Her Time Sensations Vibe was sent to me by Too Timid, and after some other experiences with small vibes, I knew this might be hit or miss. But since the last toy I received from them was such a hit, I felt fairly confident about this vibrator.

It was…meh.

Did I orgasm? Yes.

Were they the kind I like? Not really.

I love the build-up. The way my blood gets tingly and the pleasure races up and down my arms and legs. Even when it felt good, it didn’t give me what I like best.

What didn’t work for me:

  • The vibrations were buzzy instead of rumbly. For those who prefer those kinds of sensations, this might be your thing.
  • I didn’t have a problem with the fact that it requires batteries (that was kind of nice – there’s no wait!) but the battery cover was a bitch to get off and on.
  • It was easy to get the buttons confused so I kept turning it off when I was cycling through settings. That probably didn’t help my orgasmic flow, either.
  • Since it’s a basic vibe, it always went back to the first setting. Not the worst thing in the world, but definitely annoying.
  • I was right to be afraid of the “tip” of the vibe. Not because there’s anything wrong with it, but because my overly sensitive clit wouldn’t handle buzzy stimulation in that kind of pinpointed way. Ouch!

What’s good about it:

Noting is all bad or all good, so even though it’s not going into my nightstand, it has it’s good qualities.

  • The Sensations vibe is made of silicone so I didn’t worry about what I was putting near my body.
  • It’s advertised as “waterproof” although that doesn’t do much for me – but a lot of people love a feature like that.
  • Yes, it produces a whiny, buzzy sound, but it’s quiet. If I hadn’t screamed with that first orgasm, no one would have known what I was doing. I posted a video of it on Instagram if you want to hear it for yourself.
  • For a quick wank, having batteries is kind of nice. Two AAA – we keep those on hand for everyone’s toys.

Yes, a toy can get me off and still not be my favorite. Because, for me, it’s not just the climax but how I get there.

The Sensations vibe is a decent, basic, and relatively inexpensive vibrator. If clitoral stimulation and buzzy vibrations are your thing, it’s worth a shot. But no, it doesn’t earn a coveted place in my nightstand.

Check out the Her Time Sensations Vibe on Too Timid and decide for yourself! 

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