Masturbation Monday

Reconnecting in the Dark #MasturbationMonday

Shirtless, jeans, briefs peaking up over his waistband, and a black belt that always makes me twitchy – whether he’s wearing it or draping it over the bed. This was my view when I walked into the kitchen.

The super, evil crud that attacked our house, leaving us ill and sexless for two weeks was nearly gone. The last vestiges were simply a nagging tickle in my throat.

As he stood at the kitchen sink, I inhaled sharply. I hadn’t seen his bare skin with clear eyes in days. Broad shoulders, olive skin, crinkly hair covering his body. My mouth watered and my fingers itched to caress his back and chest.

I wrapped my arms around his stomach and pressed my cheek into his back. Low purrs and growls came from somewhere deep within. I wanted this man in ways I hadn’t contemplated in a long time.

“Well, someone feels better.”

I giggled, pressing my lips against his neck as I stroked his chest. “Yes, Daddy. I am feeling much better.”

“Good. I’ll take advantage of that later.”

Later came when I least expected it – as usual. His hands were warm and soothing across my skin. I love when he strokes my body. My eyes were glued shut from sleep, and I knew instinctively the sun wouldn’t rise for a few more hours.

Firm fingers pinched my nipples until I arched my back. A leg hooked my knee, opening my body, exposing me to his touch. Insistent fingers strummed and stroked against my lips and clit. I whimpered into the pillow, unable or unwilling to open my eyes. My throat was tight and rusty. I barely managed a creaky, “Please, Daddy, can I cum?”

Permission granted, my body bucked and convulsed with the first orgasm in two weeks. Hips arched, pussy spasming, and his fingers were soaked. Gripping my hips, he thrust his cock into my pussy with one smooth move.

The satisfied groan told me everything. I held onto the bedpost, eyes closed, barely breathing as he fucked me gently, but deeply. Several minutes passed with grunts of pleasure from him and breathy moans from me. This was no violent, primal fucking. Sadism and masochism had been laid aside for a moment. We were two people reconnecting in the dark, early hours of the morning. And it was good.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! I was laid out with the yucky crud last week and completely missed it. I didn’t write or read! Bad, bad blogger – I know. Anyway, I’m back and at it. Make sure to check out what other writers have shared this week – and if nothing else, go take a look at the prompt I found for the week. Rawr!

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