Boob Day February Photofest 2018

My Perspective: He Thinks My Boobs are Scrumptious

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Ahhh, it’s Boobday and February Photofest, so of course, it’s time to show off my boobs. And also, more of the man who sucks and nips and tongues my tits like they’re scrumptious. The only other part of my body he finds more delicious is my cunt.

He teases and torments my nipples until I squeal and roll away, unable to take any more. Then he pulls me back, holds me down, forces me to accept the torture. The struggle is a game. The heat between my thighs is the prize.

John Brownstone learned early on there’s a straight line from my breast to my pussy. He uses that fact to turn me into a writhing mess with little more than a swipe of his tongue. And I let him. Every fucking time.

John Brownstone's mouth hovering over my nipple like I'm scrumptious

Want to see my boob from another perspective? John Brownstone shares another way he likes to play with my nipples on his own blog.

February Photofest

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