Masturbation Monday

Liquid Heat and Fiery Pleasure #MasturbationMonday

Liquid Heat and Fiery Pleasure

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“Do you want to fuck me?”

“You know I do.” His cock twitched in agreement against my bottom.

I wiggled against his pelvis, closing my eyes in anticipated pleasure. It had been a few days. This should be hard and fast, rough and dirty. That sounded perfect to me.

He grabbed my leg and draped it over his hip. Oh. I know this move. I tensed, waiting for an all out assault on my clit. He stroked the top of my vulva, and around the sides. His featherlight touch kissed the nearly bare skin of my mons. I hummed with pleasure. My knees opened wide. He ran a fingertip up my slit and back down, ignoring my clitoris. I hissed and shuddered. Liquid heat ran like molasses through my veins.

Nothing hard and fast about this. He was taking his time, savoring…me?

The scent of my desire wafted up from between my thighs, hanging over our bodies. I whimpered, wanting much more and wanting the slow, sensuality of the moment to never end. He plucked and strummed at my body, holding me tight as my back arched. He slid his fingers deep into my body, warm and firm, still ignoring the part of me that craved his touch the most.

I writhed in his arms, bucking my hips in a fruitless attempt to move his hand just a little to the north. Less than half an inch and I’d have exactly what I wanted.

“Is this what you want?”

A feather would have created more pressure on my clit than he did. His teasing touch drove me to the edge of reason.

“Yes! Yes! Please! More!”

“Like this?” Now he pressed down, gentle but firm, slowly stoking the fire.

The frontal assault I’d been prepared for earlier turned into an ambush. The slow burn turned into a blazing inferno.

“Can I come?! Please, Daddy???” I keened in his arms.

“Oh yes, you can.”

I bucked in his arms, my body convulsing and shuddering. My cunt clenched down on nothing but itself, spasming as fiery pleasure spread through my body. Even as I twisted and turned, his hand continue it’s gentle pressure and slow movements. Before I could catch my breath, another orgasm washed over me. I didn’t ask permission. There was no time. My body took over, rocking and bucking in his arms. He held me through the aftershocks, finally moving his hand from between my thighs.

He twisted and turned my body into position and held my legs up as he plunged deep. I’d had mine, now it was his turn.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! After a stressful week, we finally got to fuck, and it was glorious! Okay, I’m not the only smutty-smut in town. Click the button below to find more one-handed reads for the week. You know you want to.

Masturbation Monday Week 151

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