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Break Time #WickedWednesday

Break Time

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I asked John Brownstone to do a hard thing today.

“Please read all the Masturbation Monday posts this week and decide which are your top three picks.”

Okay, in reality, we’d decided this weeks ago, and it’s also not an actual hard thing but today was the day. Read smut. Choose favorites. Let me know.

From the growls and muffled moans I heard, I knew he enjoyed himself. A few times he pushed back from his desk and said, “Damn. Just…damn.”

I might have heard a muttered, “That gives me ideas.”

But I was busy. I’m trying to take time off this week to celebrate the kids going back to school and our first kid-free time in I don’t know how long. My head was down. My mind on other things.

And then he said, “Babygirl, I need to see you in the bedroom.”

Oh? My normal reply would be to beg off and say how busy I am. But I’m trying to live in a more submissive mindset even when my business hat is on. I’ve told myself that since I consider him my business partner, as well as my kinky partner, I need to defer to him more – even though I go decidedly Dom-ish when it comes to business.

So instead of my usual snappy reply, I acquiesced without question and followed him into our bedroom. It probably surprised him as much as me.

“Yes, Daddy?”

I really do try to be solicitous, regardless of what you might see from the outside looking in. I put on my best good girl voice for him. Curious but patient.

“Come here.”

He spun me around, wrapping both arms around my waist. His hand reached into my yoga pants and past my panties. I’d gotten my Brazilian wax a few hours before. I assumed he wanted to grab a bit of smooth pussy for himself. Instead, he dipped a finger into my slit.

I melted against him. Gawd, his hand felt good. Right. I rode his hand, enjoying the pressure on my clit. It swelled and throbbed with pleasure.

“Please? Please can I come?” I squeaked out the request. Then I choked it out.

He whispered a devious “No” each time I begged. When I cried it out, clearly unable to hold back, he pulled his hand away. He spun me back around, patted my ass, and sent me back to work. I might have whined a bit but only because he’d turned me on and damn it, I wanted more. I watched him suck his finger clean as he walked away.

Back at work, trying not to squirm too much in my chair, I quickly lost myself in my to-do list. Edging? What edging? It wasn’t completely gone from my mind, just no longer at the foreground.

A few hours later, I heard, “Babygirl, I need to see you in the bedroom.”

It was break time, and now I knew what I was in for. Without a word, I joined him, thankful that today I asked him to do a hard thing.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! I meant to write a long, thoughtful piece about online outrage and opinions but cooler heads prevailed, and I’m leaving it alone. So I went with today’s very real smutty moment. This week’s theme is to try to write a sexy story about the dentist – and when I think of the dentist, I see my dentist and no amount of thought can turn that into something kinky or delicious. So once again, I deviated. For other smut, you know where to go…

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