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He Fucked Me Twice

review for Godemiche and Effulgence Ambit review

“It’s so pretty and sparkly!”

This is what I think every time I hold the purple Effulgence Ambit dildo from Godemiche (received in exchange for an honest review). I mostly just want to hold it and look at it. Which is not, in fact, what it’s made for…

As usual, we went to bed later than intended. And as usual, I worried I’d be too tired to get off the way I hoped I might. But I’d walked around for days with a picture in my head about how we would play with our new dildo.

Strange how the picture in my mind is in black and white, and John Brownstone is always fully clothed.

Reality is much different.

Naked, on the bed, I held the dildo in my hand and said, “Well, here goes nothing.” (Dead sexy, I know.)

Our has the bullet vibe addition but I could tell right away it wouldn’t be enough to wake up my clit. This was a job for penetration. (Insert superhero with flowing cape here.)

First, I lubed up. This is where I learned the dip-the-cock method he uses with our Butters lube. Next, I realized he planned to read his book while I fucked myself. And I did try to properly fuck myself but…

Uh, no. This wasn’t in my pornographic imagination. This would not do.

“Daddy?” I tried to sound properly pitiful. “I’d hoped you’d do this part.”

Truly, I don’t think he’s ever hopped out of bed so quickly. Not even for a cup of coffee.

Seconds later, he stood by the bed and took over my fumblings with the dildo. I never fuck myself as good as he fucks me.

Funnily enough, I prefer to drive when the toy is a basic vibrator. I know my clit better than anyone. But he’s a connoisseur of fucking me. Some animalistic instinct tells him exactly how deep, fast, and hard to thrust and where my g-spot is, no matter what angle we’re at.

I might not come very often from g-spot tapping but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel fan-fucking-tastic. The first orgasm (finally) arrived and I realized something as cream (not my usual gush) dribbled down my ass.

“Oh god! The towel! Grab the towel!”

I lifted my hips as he spun around looking for my come towel, cast to the side after the last big orgasmic session (with my new favorite diva).  He looked so confused and the situation felt so ridiculous that I laughed. And shot my beautiful purple dildo out of my cunt and across the bed.

I laughed harder but at least I had a towel under my ass when we were done.

The jovial mood didn’t last for long. He grabbed the dildo and found my perfect spot, but not before swiping the tip against my clit.

Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuck. 

With a sensitive and swollen clit, even the slight vibrations felt like an earthquake.


I know he loves hitting my g-spot. I like to believe it’s because it provides a pleasure I don’t usually feel. But really, it probably has more to do with the banshee-like screams, the way my body trembles, and how my back arches whenever he does. (Those are good reasons, too.) But I needed something else.

“Please, my clit. More on my clit.”

I never direct our pleasure like that. For a moment I worried. Would he be disappointed? I’m going with a “No” on that one because he quickly complied and gave me the squirty orgasms I love best before I finally tapped out.

“No more!” Gasping. Heaving. “I’m done!”

“Well, I’m not!”

He tossed my pretty Godemiche dildo to the side, rolled me over to my side, and fucked the hell out of me.

Hmm, he’s fucking me twice tonight.

Review: Effulgence Ambit from Godemiche

review for godemiche effulgence ambit

via Godemiche

I’m not one for dildos, unless we’re playing out a kinky fuckery fantasy. My preference is nearly always for vibrators and clitoral stimulation. Even though I wanted the Effulgence Ambit dildo with the bullet vibrator (an RO80 from Rocks-Off) included, I didn’t really think the vibrations would do much for me. And had I played the way I usually do that likely would have been true.

Giving John Brownstone control over the experience made all the difference. I felt full and stuffed. The purple silicone is softer and more pliable than the types of sex toys I’ve used in the past, and it felt good buried deep inside. He managed to keep me guessing while finding all of my best spots.

I can’t compare my experience for dildo lovers and how you experience pleasure with a sex toy. But for people who gravitate toward vibrators and think dildos might not do much, feel free to use what I discovered…

  • Allowing John Brownstone to control the dildo turned me on more than playing solo.
  • He took the predictability out of the situation so even spots that weren’t exactly perfect were more pleasurable.
  • By following my reactions, he used the dildo to provide stimulation I wouldn’t normally have tried on my own. Also, I get off on someone else having control.
  • Tapping my g-spot and enjoying the penetration of the toy made my clit more sensitive so that the not-so-strong vibrations made an impact on my clit later.
  • The flat side of the tip felt amazing on both my clit and my g-spot. It’s designed that way for both g-spot and prostate stimulation.

About the Effulgence Ambit

So now, about the actual dildo itself…

  • It comes in a wide variety of colors, as do most of the products on the Godemiche website. Of course, I chose purple.
  • Each one is hand-made by the owners of the company, Adam and Monika – wonderful people I genuinely like – which yes, makes me a little less objective about the company.
  • You can choose a flat or a suction cup base for your dildo.
  • The vibrating bullet addition is optional, too. The majority of the vibrations are felt in the base where the bullet is located. They were muted by the silicone but again, it comes down to expectations. If what you want is a strong vibrator, this isn’t for you.
  • Their prices are fairly reasonable. U.S. readers will notice prices are in pounds. That’s because Godemiche is located in the U.K. but they ship worldwide.

Not a dildo person? This might not be for you. But they don’t just make dildos. They’ve got anal plugs, ball gags, lube, and more!

Interested? Check out Godemiche online.

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