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Keychains as a Metaphor for Life

I don’t usually think of my car keys as a way to express myself. And yet, I love keychains. As a teenager, I used to spend too much time standing in Spencer’s reading the snarky ones, wishing I could buy them all. Even though I know it’s fruitless, I still look through personalized keychains hoping to see my real (vanilla) name.

I have two sets of keys. The first is for my car, the house, and the mailboxes (yes, plural – a vanilla one and a kink one). It’s filled with those little keychain cards for discounts at every store I’ve gone to more than once. Like me, it’s a very busy thing, filled with purpose. Hidden in amongst all the hodgepodge of daily life is a braided leather cord with a silver lock on the end. It draws no attention to itself, simply existing, blending in, but I know it’s there.

John Brownstone holds the key.

Desperate for a Christmas gift early in our relationship but so fucking broke, I went searching on Amazon (I hadn’t discovered the amazing world of Etsy at that point). I found the keychain set (a lock and key) and fell in love. It was cheap, so I didn’t have high hopes, but it was elegant in its simplicity.

A few days after I placed the order, I got the email.

We’re out, and we have to make more. It might be Valentine’s Day. Would you like to cancel?

I could have cancelled the order and found something else, but it was perfect. It was us. And by then, I’d spent more money I didn’t have to lavish him with other gifts. No, I’ll wait.

By the time the keychains arrived, just a few days before the next holiday, I’d almost forgotten about them. Now I worried. Would he like it? Was it stupid? Fuck, what if it breaks?!

He loved it.

“Daddy, which do you…?”

“I’m the key, babygirl. I’m always the key.” Yes, he is.

Oh, and that second set of keys? A podcast listener sent us custom keychains with the words “Loving BDSM” emblazoned across them. Since my second set of keys needed some keychain love, I knew just where to put it. It makes me feel daring to pull those keys out, knowing someone could see my kink. So I hide it away more than I let anyone see it. But I know it’s there, and I love it. One day, maybe I won’t hide anymore.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt is about car keys. I never really gave them much thought before now, but I’ve always used them as another way to express myself. I guess I didn’t know quite how much until just now. Looking for something sexy? You know where to go.

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