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I Don’t Do Drama

drama intolerance - drama with a capital d

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Blame it on my personality, my mental health, or my INTJ personality (or a combination of it all) but I have a drama intolerance.

I. Don’t. Do. Drama. Never have.

Part of it is the triggering effect (and I mean that as seriously as that term can be taken) that confrontation has on my mental state. Part of it, though, is that I have zero time or patience for it.

So when curious kinksters ask how to deal with the drama they find in their local BDSM community – the kind so bad they don’t want to engage with other kinky people, I’m not always sure how to answer them.

“Avoid all those motherfuckers” doesn’t seem like great advice – or at least not healthy or realistic. Since my go-to option doesn’t seem helpful, I actually gave it a bit of thought – with the help of John Brownstone who always handles these things better than I do. From that, we have a show…

I don’t think we have all the answers. In fact, I think there are so many perspectives to what “drama” means and how to best handle it or combat it, that the possibilities are likely endless. But, we offered some options, a little tough love, and as much compassion and empathy as we could.

Do you have thoughts about the drama between people in the local community? Have you found a way to deal with it that works best for you? Give the show a listen, and let us know what you think.

From the show:

  • The website is back up. A huge thank you and shout-out to @DomSigns – find him on Twitter!
  • You can save 15% off the Crescendo by Mystery Vibe with our special link.
  • Drama happens wherever people gather – it’s unavoidable.
  • There are multiple ways to deal with drama – you have to find what works best for you.
  • Not every community is the right one for you. Look for or create the one that fits you best.
  • Don’t give up – you can find your tribe, even if they’re online or you have to make it yourself.

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