Masturbation Monday

He Ensnared Me as Only He Can

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Hunted. Trapped. Ensnared.

When I’m honest with myself, this is what I love about our kink. Feeling like prey, stalked and sought after. A tasty morsel. His craving. He wants me, but he also needs me.

With the smallest gesture, a tilt of his head, a gleam in his eye, I’m caught. Trembling. Waiting. Wondering.

These subtle trappings leave me in anticipation, unsure of what will happen next – and when. He’s patient. This is no starving animal, ready to pounce at the first moment. He has the luxury of knowing…that I’m already caught, that he can take his time, that he needs work no harder than by crooking his finger in my direction.

But sadist that he is, beckoning me isn’t his style. Instead, he waits, watches, and then…

The sky was still dark. Daylight was hours away. I felt the bed shift and sink. My foggy brain wondered whether he was just waking up or this was another late-night meandering.

Would he curl against my body and soak in my sleepy warmth? Could we cuddle until we both dozed back off? I drifted as I waited.

A hard hand curled around my knee. He pulled my legs apart. Fingers crept through my hair only to tug until I squeaked. Heavy, thick fingers spread swollen labia apart. Any leftover heat evaporated as cool air kissed flushed skin. Insistent strums and strokes pulled first one, then another orgasm from my body – so quickly I could give no thought to asking permission, let alone form the words. This wasn’t about Dominant and submissive, though. He didn’t need to hear me beg to know he owned me – body and soul.

Once my body was wet, primed, ready, the tug in my hair pressed down, holding me in place, as he slid his body into mine, claiming me, as always, his own. In an instant, the gleam, the stares, the earlier signals of a patient wolf flooded my muddled mind. I was, as always, ensnared and trapped – as willing a prey as there ever was.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Thank goodness for hard fucks before sunrise or I’d have no new sexy goodness to share with you. He reveled in the fucking and eventual growly release, while I enjoyed the feeling of being hunted and taken. I guess that’s why we work so well together. For more smutty goodness, you know where to go!

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