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Don’t Assume Anything – #WickedWednesday

I’m having a rough week of exhaustion and illness, but I couldn’t let the week go by without a Wicked Wednesday post. This week’s prompt is “assumptions” – and while I’d love to give you something wickedly delicious, I’ve got stuff on my mind…

Assumptions happen all the time. I’m still mildly surprised they happen to me in this sex, BDSM, kink world that I’ve come to love, but let’s clear a few things up.

Don’t assume because I enjoy sex that I’ll want it with just anyone.

Don’t assume because I cum in gushes and squirts, erupting like a volcano, that just anyone can do that to me.

Don’t assume because I kneel and crawl in supplication that I’m somehow weak.

Don’t assume because I take off my panties for him that I’ll take them off for everyone.

Don’t assume because I’m willing to serve one man that I serve them all.

Don’t assume because I’m tied, caged, and bound that I’m not free.

Don’t assume what you see in the dark cracks and crevices of my soul represents all of who I am.

I’m not brave enough or stupid enough, I’m not sure which, to let my vanilla world see the dark chocolate side named Kayla. I know the assumptions they make, because they’re the same assumptions I once made.

Don’t assume because I’m a control-freak, OCD, Type A boss that I’m the same bitch-from-hell at home.

Don’t assume because I blush at the mention of certain topics that I don’t scream, “Fuck me harder, Daddy!” every chance I get. And God, I wish I had more chances.

Don’t assume because I don’t talk about sex or love or men that I’m not a dirty, kinky girl.

Don’t assume because I dress professionally with everything just so that I don’t love wild sex hair, smudged mascara, and ripped panties.

Don’t assume that I’m not wearing a plug or a nipple charm simply because you’ll never see it.

Don’t assume that for all my uptight behavior on the job that I’m not a wild heathen every chance I get.

Don’t assume that the only other name I have Β is “Mommy.”

Don’t assume because I only show the strongest part of myself that I’m not also soft, willing, and pliant.

Just don’t assume anything.

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