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A Rough Night – Guest Posting for @ByronLeopold

I love Twitter. I saw a fellow blogger looking for guest submission on his site and two or three Twitter messages later, I was happy to be accepted and write something completely new just for his site, Content Exotic

Here’s an excerpt, and if you want to read the whole thing, click the link at the end.

A Rough Night

The sound of a toy crashing into the bedroom reverberated down the hallway. Monica knew he threw something heavy, but she also knew if she opened the door, her angelic-looking toddler would throw a toy at her, as well.

Monica sighed deeply. She didn’t remember her oldest, Timmy, being quite this difficult. Of course, she was married during the Terrifying Threes – much worse than the Terrible Twos in her opinion – when Timmy went through this stage. She didn’t know if the toddler years were harder because she was single but she knew she was at her wits end. Would this tantrum never end?

Monica sat down just outside the bedroom, listening for a break in the storm, exhausted from the battle she’d barely won moments before that got him up the stairs and into his room. Eventually, screams turned to sobs, and she opened the door. A little tear-stained face stared back at her.

“Are you ready to get into bed like a big boy?” She wanted to scoop her baby up in her arms and soothe him, but she knew that would send the wrong message.

“Yeth, Mommy.” Sniffling, he walked to his bed and climbed in, cuddling his Thomas the Tank Engine pillow. His baby lisp tugged at her heart.

Tucking him in, Monica gently kissed his forehead and whispered, “I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too, Mommy. Night-night.”

God, he could be so damn sweet when he wanted to be, Monica thought to herself as she walked down the stairs, shaking her head at the sudden mood swings of three-year-olds.

When she reached the living room, Monica grabbed her phone. She’d had a hard week, and this particular temper tantrum was just one tough moment too many. She needed release and only knew one place to get it.

“It’s been a rough night. Timmy’s fine, but I hate the Terrifying Threes.” She texted Chris, hoping he was around to chat for a minute. On a whim, she sent one more text.

“In the most submissive way I know how to ask, please come fuck me tonight.”

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Just as a side note: inspiration comes from the most mundane moments in life sometimes…

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