Masturbation Monday

Watching and Waiting #MasturbationMonday

She was never sure what she enjoyed the most.

The look of ecstasy mingled with determination whenever he touched himself. A light stroke of his nipple, the hand that skimmed his washboard abs (no, she never thought those could be real, either), or the firm grip of his cock. Each touch illicited a different variation of the same look. It all made her mouth water.

Then there was the small noises he made. Grunts, groans, as the pre-cum dribbled down his knuckles, he always growled. So did she, actually. The sounds were deep, guttural, animalistic. But they made him seem vulnerable, too. Gawd, just the thought of a man that hot being vulnerable in anyway was enough to make her orgasm right then and there.

Of course, his hand on his cock was sheer bliss – for both of them, apparently. His grip was firm but gentle, sure but easy. He knew what he liked. No one likes monotony, even in this. Neither did he from what she could tell. One moment, he used a grip that pumped his cock, moving the skin around his shaft up and down. The next….his fingers skimmed the tip, causing him to shudder and groan a little louder.

Lordy, but this man made her hot. She could watch him all day.

Ahhh, there was the sign she’d been waiting for. Curling toes, cock turning purple, breathing labored. Ohhh yesssssssssssss…too bad that wasn’t what they were here for.

“CUT! That’s a wrap on this one. Hey cutie, you’ve got the job. Come back next week and bring that delicious cock with you. ”

She felt only a little bad that she’d cut him off just before the money shot. He looked a bit pained, but no doubt he’d take care of business in the backroom. That’s where the rest of her stars spent their time getting “ready” each day – and dealing with the fact that she loved cutting them off just before the big one. Oh yeah, she’d make him a star – and he’d make women and men alike cream their own pants. She could practically hear the money rolling in.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! No, I don’t know where this story came from either. I like the idea of women directing porn…and getting turned on in the process. Okay, enough about me…click the image below and go find out what other smut is in store for you this beautiful, amazing Masturbation Monday.

Watching and Waiting

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