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It was Delightful #SexToyReview

“Kayla – Please send…”

“Kayla – Can you…?”

“[Insert my vanilla name] – When can you start…?”

“Let’s add…”

“Please do….”

My email inbox blew up this week. Gmail is still smoking and fizzing from all the activity. Some of it’s great news – new projects, new clients, new things to do and all but one is in the sex/kink world. The one vanilla project will pay for about half our wedding (which is small, don’t get too excited, lol) once I’m done.

It’s great. I’m not complaining. But fucking-A, I was stressed to the max.

Between Eroticon, work, and plenty of blogging and personal stuff, I was already pulled in about ten directions. Adding these projects turned my stress level up to a new high. On Friday morning, I sat at my computer (aka the kitchen table) in silence. Unsure where to start, what to do first, which email to check, and what project to tackle.

“Fuck it, I need an orgasm.”

These are real things I say to myself, and thankfully one of my to-do list items was a review for a new toy – the DeLight Luxury Vibrator (received in exchange for an honest review). Sadly, I’d charged it up days before, hoping John Brownstone and I could play together, but it never happened.

Time to go solo.

Shorts off (jewelry too). Bra stayed on. Towel down. Ready or not, here I (would hopefully) come.

I played with the buttons. Plenty of settings. The handle was nice, too. Let’s see what this baby can do.

Legs spread, pussy freshly waxed and so fucking smooth sometimes I just stroke myself because I can, I turned the vibrator on to a low setting and placed the flat side of the curve against my slit. My toes curled. That’s nice.

Turned it up. My nipples tightened. My heels pressed into the mattress. Oh yeah that feels good.

I rubbed vibe over my pussy and pressed it into my clit. The bottoms of my feet tingled as electricity raced up my inner thighs. I gulped and gasped. A familiar wetness trickled down the curve of my ass to the towel. Fuuuuuuck, that’s what I want.

Playing with the settings, I made myself come on every one of them. I shrieked. I hissed. I writhed around the bed. Each orgasm was bigger and wetter. My thighs closed over the toy. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, yes.

I pulled the toy away. It was soaked, covered in ejaculate. I grinned, absurdly proud of myself.

The toy is clearly meant to penetrate and (ideally) hit your g-spot. After that warm-up, I knew it would tuck in with no problem. My body sucked it in with a slight thwap. The vibrations felt good but nothing that woke up my g-spot. However, when I pressed it against my clit at the same time, magic. So much magic.

Small orgasms. Shuddery orgasms. Nipple-tightening, gasping orgasms. But not quite as nice as the big wet ones. I withdrew the vibe and set the very warm, very wet silicone against my clit again. Nearly done and overwhelmed, I managed a final juttery, squishy, juicy climax before setting it down.

“That was delightful.”

I giggled before I realized, with growing horror, that I’d made a vibrator pun. John Brownstone would be so proud.

About the DeLight Luxury Vibrator

DeLight Luxury Vibrator

I received the DeLight Luxury Vibrator from Eden’s Toy Store to review, and while I had to wait longer than I like to try it, it was worth it. The shape of it caught my attention. Something about it makes me think of tentacles – in an abstract way.

What I liked about it:

  • The curved handle let me have a good grip no matter how I held it.
  • It’s a rechargeable toy so no batteries to worry about.
  • It’s quiet and has plenty of settings.

Clearly, my clitoris was pretty jazzed about it, too.

What didn’t work for me:

  • It did nothing for my g-spot, even though with that curve you’d think it would have touched it a bit.
  • The buttons weren’t always easy to push to change the settings. I admit that could come with practice but for the first time, I got a bit frustrated once or twice.

Overall, I enjoyed the Delight Luxury Vibrator. If it’s any indication, my orgasms were plentiful and wet enough that I soaked through my towel to the blanket.

Interested? Check it out for yourself.

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